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5th day of Circuit Breaker

5th day of Circuit Breaker.

When we heard about the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan in end December 2019, we may not have thought that Singapore will come to this state.

In less than 4 months time, not only Singapore has more than 2000 infected cases, we also had implemented a 1-month Circuit Breaker, where all non-essential workplaces are closed, and schools have suspended general services.

Before the Circuit Breaker, I thought I am an introvert and can stay at home for numerous months without going out. However, now I realized even the most introvert person also need fresh air occasionally. I realized I was one of those who had taken life for granted. The basic blissfulness was being able to go out with my loved ones. But I had spent too much time mugging beneath my work. I thought being able to give more to them will make me a better mother and a more value-adding family member. I now realized what they need was just more attention from me.

Working from home these few weeks seemed to be my children’s happiest time. I realized they just wish to see me more, talk to me more, do simple activities with me and hug me more. We enjoyed ourselves just scooting downstairs and washing the cars together.

Scooting at the empty Void Deck
Family Car Wash

I really missed those happy holidays I had last 2 years. I used to worry about spending too much during holidays and had postponed some of my holiday plans. I realised sometimes we really don’t need to worry so much and just go ahead to take our school holidays. Because we will never know if one day we can no longer visit the places we had wished to visit. One of my friends visited Italy just 2 years ago. She said she had never imagined Italy will come to this state, with so many infected cases and high death rate. Similarly, I had postponed my holiday trip to South Korea for more than 3 years, and now I really don’t know when I can ever visit South Korea.

You can never imagine how glad I feel that I went ahead with my Inner Mongolia Trip and UK Trip last year. I think it will take years after the COVID-19 for UK to recover to where I last saw it.

Stonehenge, UK
Tower Bridge, London
Watching Les Miserables, London
Warwick Castle, UK

I am glad that I did not reject my friend when she jioed me to go Inner Mongolia last year. I really missed the blue skys, refreshing air and green grasslands. I tell myself I must revisit the many provinces in China when COVID-19 is over.

We heard that this COVID-19 outbreak could last up to 1 year, if we do not do our part.

As the Government encourages everyone to stay home, I do not understand why there are still many people who are testing the Government’s patience. I believe there is a reason for every step the Government takes. Should there be no choice, the Government will not implement the last resolve, ie. Lockdown or Movement Control.

Today, the Government rolled out a number of new tightened measures, ie. Those who do not wear masks will not be allowed into the wet markets, all commuters have to wear masks when on public tranport, the beaches will be closed to public, first offenders of safe distancing measures will be fined $300 (initially only second offenders will be fined).

We are bounded to receive both negative and positive feedback with these measures. Some like me will wonder why don’t the Government just imposed a lockdown or MCO. I believe a few months of lockdown or MCO will definitely bring the cases down. However, why is the Government still hesistating? But there are those who die die need to go out type. These people will get very frustrated that there are less places they can go to due to the bunch of black sheeps.

Hence, we urge everyone to be patient and follow the safe distancing measures strictly during this Circuit Breaker. Because if you don’t tahan through this one month, this one month will just extend into two months or more. Then we all will get more frustrated. We all hope that everyone’s life can resume to its normal state. We all hope that all these will be over soon.

I totally understand how the youngsters feel about this COVID-19. I remember how I was back in Year 2003 during the SARS outbreak. I remember I was preparing for my graduation examination. Everywhere we go, we need to take our temperature. One of my classmates from our Theatre Studies Module, almost was not allowed to go for our practical examination which we are required to act out a scene in our chosen literature drama. She was so nervous that her body temperature was 37.5dC. After appealing, they let her into the exam hall wearing a mask. We were glad the practical exam was smooth. I got B for this module.

I remembered I was still studying in our crowded NUS Central Library and YIS Study Room. I did not remember anything about safe distancing measures or the need to wear a mask. But looking for a job after my graduation was not easy. The starting pay was bad but it was better than being jobless.

I know it is not easy not to go out, especially if you have a bad relationship with your family members. Another second with them you feel like you are suffocating. Or maybe because of your bad relationship with your family members, you do not care if your socially irresponsibility will harm them or not. However, even if you don’t care about your loved ones, you should still play a part to reduce the number of cases. This is our responsibility to our society and to our country.

Pray hard that COVID-19 will be over soon. Pray hard that my family members will stay safe and healthy.

Taiwan Family Trip

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