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[Fun] Two Events to spend the rest of your Long Weekends – GrillFest @ Sentosa and National Day Concert @ Garden by the Bay

2 more days left to the end of your long weekends and hadn’t think of where to go?

Here are Two Events to spend your long weekends before it is gone!

11 August 2019 (Sunday)

Head down to Garden by the Bay to immerse in the National Day Spirit. The pop-up food stalls, children activities and bouncing castle start operatione from 4pm and the live concert by our local artists from 6.30pm.

Try to get there earlier to chope a parking lot at The Meadow Carpark. Otherwise you can park at Satay by the Bay and take a nice evening stroll over to the event location like we did.

Alternatively, you can get there by public transport! The Meadows is walking distance from Bayfront MRT Station.

The weather was hot when we got there but it didn’t seemed to bother the kids. They had an hr of fun in the Bouncing Castle and later stuff themselves with ice cream to chill down.

I especially love the food there. There aren’t many varieties of food but as long as they have what I like to eat, I am very contented already. 😁😍🥳

I love the Meatball in Bucket, Cheesy Twister Fries in Bucket, Okinawa Milk Tea, Nutella Beglium Waffles with Yogurt Icecream and Classic Otah!

It is important to strategize your queuing before it gets more crowded. Before 6pm, the queue lasts not more than 30min. So we keep the kids busy in the Bouncing Castle, while we queued up for different food.

I always enjoy attending events in The Meadows due to the lovely MBS backdrop. So Wow right?

After getting the food, head down to the live concert area. There are chairs in front of the stage but you can bring along your picnic mat and dig into your home-cooked food too, if you want to skip the food queues.

Since it is a National Day Concert, the local artists sang in at least 4 different languages. Yesterday, it was one of the rare occasion where local singer Desmond Ng gets to sing in Hokkien in a public concert, apart from Getai.

We left at about 7.45pm to catch the special edition NDP Light Show. They played the national day songs in 4 languages, instead of the usual songs.

12 August 2019 (Monday)

Grillfest 2019 started last weekends at Sentosa and its last day will be on 12 Aug 2019, Monday.

If you have yet to check it out, you have to do it before this Annual Event at Siloso Beach ends.

We went last weekends on 3 August 2019. It was a terrific windy day when we reached at about 5.30pm. We found a good spot by the beach where there are lots of food and drink stalls, and a short distance from the toilets with shower facilities. There was enough sunlight for sand and sea play for the kids, and adults could chill with beer and food.

We love the food, the live band and the beautiful sunset. I really hope Sentosa will have more of this type of events, or even consider having permanent weekends POP-Up food and drink stalls by the beach. They are definitely more cost efficient than maintaining the beach restaurants, which are usually empty on weekdays.

The only thing we think there can be improvement is the food queue system. The queues are especially long because we need to queue to pay for our food. Then we need to queue again for our food. Different receipts will be issued for the different stalls we are ordering from. And the receipts didnt indicate the stall numbers or names. So we have to be very alert which receipts to pass to which stalls and which stalls to collect our food.

The food comes in open containers which make it very difficult for us to order more than 2 things at a time. Not so clever me did not know I am unable to stack my food to carry back to our table. Hence, I had to run to and fro 3-4 times before I collected all my food. By the time, my first dish would be cold.

I will suggest the Event Organiser to use an app system for future events so that once we pay for our food at the cashier counter, the respective food stalls will receive our orders on first come first server basis. Buyers can refer to the app for the respective waiting time. The respective food stalls can call out the Buyers by the queue numbers reflected on the Buyers app. This can reduce the frustration of standing around to wait, not knowing how long the waiting time will be.

Nevertheless, this is our first time attending the Grillfest at Sentosa. We will definitely go again next year.

Hereby, we wish everyone will enjoy the remaining of their long weekends at these two events!

Happy National Day, Singapore!

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