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[Fun] Christmas Wonderland 2018 – 8 Good Things not to be missed! (Last Day: 26 Dec 2018)

Merry Merry Xmas to everyone!

How are you spending your Xmas this year? Catching the Snow overseas or Meeting long-lost friends or Cuddling with your loved ones at home?

We had spent Xmas overseas for the past two years and this year we decided to stay in Singapore to catch up with friends and spend time with our loved ones.

Was really happy I managed to catch up with friends I did not have time to meet up for 6 mths or more due to my busy work-study schedule since last August. I am looking forward to catching up with more friends next week. After my car accident, I realized nothing beats being able to wake up every day and see your loved ones.

Apart from catching up with friends, we also go to Christmas Wonderland 2018 at Garden by the Bay.

Last year was our first time at Christmas Wonderland and it was lots of “Wows” to us. This year we enjoyed ourself as much plus the lovely sunset and dinner table with a view! Yay!

Christmas Wonderland will open till 26 Dec 2018, with different entertainment and guest singers everyday.

Do catch the 8 Good Things not to be missed, when you are there.

1. Beautiful Sunset

We wanted to skip the crowd and avoid the long queue at the food stalls, hence we reached early at about 6pm. We were lucky to catch the beautiful sunset as we strolled in. There were also ample good parking lots.

2. Dinner with a View and Christmas Carols

We parked near the Meadows this year, where the food stalls are. There were not many people yet and we were able to find a standing table where we can have our dinner with a view.

Not only we get a good dinner view. We were also able to catch lovely Christmas Carols from where we were sitting too!

3. Try different food and maybe a new Drink

We were hungry and everything looked so good. So we ordered two rounds of food! Chomp Chomp Chomp!

I especially love the slow-cooked beef ribeye! Tender and cooked just nice!

The suckling pig looks good but Laogong is not a fan so we didn’t buy.

Looks good isn’t it? Oink!

There was this lady selling the Flamingo Moscato. The bottle and straw looked so cute, so we had to try. Not too sweet but I thought Moscato tastes better when it’s sweet.

4. Santa Grotto

Last year the queue was so long and we had to give it a miss. This year we were early and there was no queue!

5. Bring a Lit Helium Balloon home

I had seen this Lit Helium Balloon in many night events but hadn’t had the chance to own one.

This year, Laogong bought me one ans it became our Xmas Balloon-Tree! How creative (and money-saving) we are!

6. Outdoor Ice-Skating

We didn’t go for this (again) because we still prefer ice-skating in an enclosed cold environment. But we definitely look forward to bring our kids for ice-skating soon!

7. Indoor Magic Show Performance

This year instead of circus performance, they have magic show performance. We were not keen so we didn’t pay to go in to watch.

8. Taking Beautiful Photos with Magical Feeling

Like this photograph? I like created it myself and really love it. It gives me the magical feeling like seeing another world by looking through the balloon. It looks as lovely on its own too.

We were lucky to go on 21 Dec 2018, as it happens to be the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar month. The moon was especially lovely, bright and round.

9. Kiddy Rides

If you come with your children, there are many kiddy rides and game stalls there! But the rides are not cheap, so be prepared to spend min $20 just on rides and game stalls.

10. Garden Rhapsody – The Christmas Special

Last but not least, if you are a fan of the Garden Rhapsody, you definitely have to catch The Christmas Special performance! It plays twice a day at 7.45pm and 8.45pm. Lie on the grass and watch the Super Trees “dance” before you!

Drop by the Christmas Wonderland 2018 these last two nights to immersed in the Christmas Festive Atmosphere!

Once again, Merry Xmas to everyone!

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