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[Game] Romance in the Forbidden City《紫禁繁花》

After watching 《延喜攻略》or 《如懿传》, do you feel angry about how some of the concubines helplessly prayed for the emperors to look at them again. Do you feel sad how they foolishly believed the wrong people and fell into their traps or plots?

Do you ever say “If I were her, I will …”

Well, your chance to find out if you will make the same choices is here! Just 2 days ago, I saw his newly launched Chinese phone game on IG and downloaded it. I got hooked instantly. I super like the graphic because of the realistic-human look of the characters. They even look like some familiar artists or movie stars.

Moving Graphic, Charming Voices and Lovely Background music

The graphic is not static and stationery like most handphone games. The character graphic will blink and move. 😍 I super love the voices of each character and the background music. You can feel as if you are totally immersed in this story.

Many Possibilities in this Game

Unlike most handphone game that comes only with an introduction, this game comes with a continual storyline (主线).

There are many different possibilities and way of playing this game. You can control how fast you get promoted in your ranking (人脉).

You can control who you want to be with hence make sure you make the “right” choices so he will like you more (羁绊). You can also control the fate of who will become the next emperor by making the “right” choices which will increase his power, reputation and potentials to the throne (气运).

Remember, your every move and choces decide how the story will flow.


The story background is in the Qing Dynasty (清朝), during the Kang Xi (康熙) era. Storyline starts with the Wu San Gui (平西王,吴三桂) revolution.

As the story lead has the same birthmark as 吴三桂 daughter (吴绮), she was forced to take over the identity of 吴绮 so that she can escape the 抄家 and find the opportunity to kill 康熙.

In this game, you take the role of the story lead. Now you have to decide your fate, how you want to get promoted from a lower level servant to eventually become the crown prince wife, new empress or marry someone not from the royal family.

When you were sent to the forbidden city, you were meant to marry the crown prince. But when your “father” started his revolution and was later caught, you were removed of your marriage arrangement with the crown prince and sent to 浣衣局 as a punishment.

Friends (知己)

You were first tortured by the servants there but later won one of your bullyers over to become her close friend (剪秋). You also made other friends (知己 ) who will help to increase your 琴棋书画 skills. You can increase their likes for you and obtained items to upgrade your 伙伴 by 随机出游.

Disciples (徒弟)

At a certain level, you can have your own 徒弟, who can groom and send for exploration (历练). They will come back with treasures.

By 随机出游 and increase your 知己 skills (技能) and fondness (好感), it will increase the potential (综合属性) of your 徒弟.

Companions (伙伴)

You later made friends with some of the princes (阿哥) and each of them saved you from different troubles and situations, depending the choices you made during your interactions with them. Each of them also like you to a certain extent. You can make them like you more by increasing the level of retrain (羁绊). To increase the retrain you have to make all the “right choices”. You can also change their fates to decide who will have the greatest potentials (气运) to the throne.

Each of them has a special story which will trigger them to become your 伙伴.

You can increase their capabilities (气势, 魅力, 政略 和 智谋) by giving them the relevant items.

These items can also be obtained by getting your 知己 to cook their best dishes in the royal kitchen (御膳房), eg 万灵桂饼,闻鸡起舞 and 沉鱼落雁 etc.

Daily Tasks

You can upgrade your abilities, wealth and reputation by doing the daily tasks and accumulating your small successes.

Looks really fun right?!

Faster download and try it yourself!

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