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[Game] Grandma Eating House 众多回忆的食堂故事

Big fan of Japanese food will definitely love this game.

I found this game when I was searching for another game.

Love the pretty graphic and looking forward to visit a traditional japanese eating house like this!

Played for only two days and approximately 3 hours, but managed to unlock lots of different dishes.

Though it is a Chinese game but the words are easy to read and functions are user-friendly. Read that there is an English version for this game but I have yet to find out the English name for the game. I think everyone who can read basic Chinese can play this game.

Basic Functions

This game is unlike dining dash or other time management cooking games that have progressive levels, with a goal to complete each level, before you can go to the next level. But this game is ongoing levelling up. The words and number on the top left hand corner tell the date and time.

Coin Image on the top right hand corner tells how much grandma earns. Heart shape tells of grandma energy level and time next to it tells how much time to regain each energy point.

店家等级 means restaurant level. As we serve customers, the level will increase gradually.

料理 means dishes. 设备 means shop layout. 客人 means customers. 店面means cash upgrades and 设定 means setting.

The bubble shows what the customer wants to eat and when they are ready to pay. The display table shows what is cooked and available to be served to customers.

Game Objective

The main objective of the game is to unlock all the dishes, upgrade the restaurant and interact with the customers thus unlocking different customers’ stories.

Unlocking the Dishes

The game started off with very few dishes. As you upgrade the different dishes you can unlock the related dishes. Example by unlocking and upgrading 炸火腿,I get to unlock (开放)油豆腐 and 黑轮天妇罗.

There are 4 types of dishes. The 白饭,主要,次要,其他. They mean Rice, Main Course, Side Dishes and Others (Desserts and Drinks).

Cooking Efficiency

It will be good to cook a variety of dishes but bear in mind to efficiently use grandma energy.

Sometimes you need to keep cooking a certain dish because you want to upgrade th dish and unlock a new dish. But sometimes you may want to cook a certain dish to attract more of the customers who like this dish hence give you more tips.

Take note some dishes use up alot of energy but earn relatively lesser. Example if I cook curry rice (咖哩饭), I use 3 hearts to earn 300 coins, compare to I use 4 hearts to earn 300 coins when I cook fried rice (炒饭). But I still need to cook 炒饭 if I want to unlock 亲子寄井饭.

So far the most cost efficient dish is 红豆汤圆. For 2 hearts I get to earn 400 coins but cooking more of this dish, doesn’t unlock any new dish.

Customer Stories and Preferred Food

As more customers are unlocked, you can read more about different customers’ stories. You can also find out about different customers’ preferred food by clicking on the customers’ pictures.

By cooking the customers’ preferred food, the customers will visit more often, be more satisfied and give more tips.

Realistic Looking Food Graphic

I especially like how realistic each food graphic looks. Makes me want to eat the food.

If you love japanese food, you definitely will love all the food graphic! I feel hungry each time I play the game. Heeheehee…

Where I am now?

In 3 days x 1 hr per day, I had already reached level 18! Woohoo!

After unlocking so many dishes, I thought I will get no more surprises. But I just get more surprises and more dishes to unlock everyday!

Download the game and try it yourself now! 😁

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