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Top 5 Drivers that Drivers Hate

Zoom! Another week just flew by like that!

It’s Weekends again!

And Weekends are one of those days you see those non-regular drivers (who are not familiar with traffic rules but yet reckless or not alert) on the roads, who not only pose danger to themselves & their passengers, but also to other drivers and pedestrians.

But trust me they are not the worst I met so far. Has been thinking about sharing thoughts about these but worried the sensitive people out there will feel offended.

Frankly I am not a perfect driver, I also have my bad driving days after rushing assignments till the early hours into the next morning, but usually I will weigh my tiredness. If I am not confident to drive for the day, I will rather call a Grab to send my maid and son to his school then I slowly make my way to work. Nothing is more important than the safety of my loved ones.

So yea, I may be one of those in the list too but I always try my best to upgrade my driving skills and alertness.

Coz We Only Live Once!

#5 – Non-Regular Drivers

These group of drivers are usually the grandparents or mothers or red-plate drivers who drive only on weekends or after office hours, to send grandchildren or children for enrichment classes. Because they are not regular drivers, they may not be familiar with the traffic rules and not so fast to respond when encounter traffic issues. However, they may be reckless and non-alert, and expect everyone to give way to them or use wrong signals and road-hog. This can cause confusion to the other drivers and result in accidents.

Not that they cannot drive. But they just need more practices. Their family members or spouses have the responsibilities to “train” these non-regular drivers before they allow them to send the young ones around on weekends alone.

Most importantly, they must “accept” that they are unable to be as familiar with traffic conditions as regular drivers. They are to stay alert and give ways if they are unsure what to do next.

Also, if these non-regular drivers cannot even take care of themselves, how can they think that they can ensure their children’s or grandchildren’s safety.

#4 – Road Hogging Drivers

This group are those who drive slower than the stipulated speed limit, yet like to stay on the right or middle lanes. End up you see all other drivers resolve to “cutting” this driver.

This gonna be dangerous because you don’t know whether these road-hoggers will be horrified and jam-brake suddenly. I had also seen angry road-hoggers who ended up racing their “cutters” or/and pointed THE finger at their “cutters”.

Nobody likes to feel defeated so try not to give people the opportunities to make you feel so. Heavy vehicles please please please keep to the left lane, especially on the expressway. It is called expressway for a good reason.

Like I said before, I am no perfect driver myself and I do road-hog sometimes especially when I am not familiar with the destinations I am heading to. I will turn on my GPS but being unfamiliar, the instructions to turn or keep left/right at 300m or 600m may confuse me. Coz how fast is that 300m or 600m really depends on the speed I am driving at. Trust me, I hate one-way roads and I hate narrow roads with shophouses and parallel parking on both sides, especially more so if I am unfamiliar with the destinations.

The sense of loss and worry of brushing against the parked cars can trigger me to just park by the side, until I figure the way to my destinations. Nobody likes to end up in that state, so I always try my best to “run through” the whole journey on my GPS before I head off.

You should do that too. It doesn’t take you long to scroll through your GPS directions before heading off or at a red light.

#3 Drivers who tailgates

Not sure why some drivers like to tail gate other drivers. I mean we were taught to keep at least on car distance away from another car when on the road.

So I will presume some drivers tailgate to “pressurize” the drivers in front of him, due to whatever reason(s). Or maybe the person has spatial “impair”?

This gonna cause road accidents too because you will never know if the drivers in front will suddenly brake or not.

So please don’t tailgate. It doesn’t benefit any party. But if you are really pissed with the road-hoggers in front of you, then just drive to the next lane and “cut” him/her when it is safe.

Similarly, please don’t road-hog and give the tailgaters opportunity to tail-gate you.

#2 Drivers who don’t signal before their next course of action

Seriously, no driver can read another driver’s mind. So try not to be ego-centric and think that the world evolves around you only and everyone think like you do.

Changing lanes without signaling is really suicidal because you never know if the driver behind is able to brake in time by the time he/she sees you.

#1 Drivers who think their Ah Gong own the roads

The Top Drivers usually largely disliked or hated by other drivers are those who think their Ah Gong own the roads or those who not only did all of the above, but also…

a. parked out of their lanes, resulting the neighbour driver and his/her passengers have problem getting into or out of his/her car.

b. drive out of their lanes, like to sway left and right as if they are drunk.

c. impatient and loves to honk, stare and high beam at other drivers.

d. reckless drivers who cut other drivers in unsafe situations.

e. think all cars should siam them when they drive pass.

f. heavy vehicles who cannot see other drivers coz of their vehicle size and height but yet not cautious when driving.

g. new drivers who have poor driving skills yet like to try their luck and insist they are right; and new drivers who refused to put up their P-plates so others can be cautious of them.

These people are rude, inconsiderate and unpredictable, hence they are highly dangerous. So let’s stay clear of them anyway for our own good sake 😛

So are they also in your top hate list? Comment and let me know if you have more in your hate list!

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