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[Food] New KFC Zinger Mozzarella Bacon Burger

I had always been a big fan of KFC new products, but I was disappointed twice recently with the new products.

I was so looking forward to the Honey Sesame Chicken, thinking it will be dripping in honey and has a strong sesame flavor but I was shocked to find it dry and had little flavors both in honey and in sesame. Usually I will eat new KFC products more than once, but then I was so disappointed, I only ate it once. I wondered if it was only that branch which did not marinate the chicken thoroughly.

I was in the vicinity when I wanted to try out the latest KFC new menu. I was very hungry so I ordered the Box Set. I glad I did too coz the Crispy Chicken cheered me up after I tasted the Burger.

I once again suspected that the branch did not do a good job in cooking the Mozzarella Patty, Chicken Patty and Bacon right. Bacon was overcooked, Chicken Patty was soggy and overcooked Mozzarella Patty did not ooze out when I took a bite. I remembered Laogong showed me a picture of his burger the other day when he texted me excitedly after he tried the Mozzarella Zinger Burger for the first time. I was like ehh how come the effect is so different? See photo below to see how sticky and oozing the Mozzarella Burger should be.

There was also not enough sauce in the Burger. So I really wonder if the kitchen cooked many burgers the first round then reheated the burger when the order came. Hence everything seemed moist and overcooked.

However I have to say the Chicken Patty is really huge and I love the taste of Bacon with Chicken. Since I love Cheese so much, I don’t mind to try the Burger a second time but definitely at a different branch.

If you are a Zinger and Cheese Fan, worth a try too but don’t go to the Harborfront branch to try 😛

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