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[Food] New Macdonald Juicy Fish and Chips and Heavenly Chocolate Pie

I just heard that the Chocolate Pie is out of stock in Singapore! Have you tried it yet?

This new menu was introduced after the Prosperity Burger and Twister Fries left us for this year. If you are a fan of Crispy Juicy Fish and Chip, you got to try it soon!

I was at home the other day rushing my assignment while my helper helped me to bring my girl to and fro her GB CCA practice. I needed some morale boosting (though I was on diet) and heard so much about the “legendary” Chocolate Pie and Fish and Chips, so I got my helper to dabao one set for me.

This is how the takeaway set looks like. I was actually a bit disappointed coz there was no Seaweed Shaker Fries! But I guess you cannot put all the best things in the same new product launch. And don’t have any more good stuff up the sleeve in other new product launches.

I was surprised when the Fish and Chips reached me “not soggy”. The flour was just nice, the Crispy Skin was still crunchy and the fish meat was juicy! It was “mind-blowing for me” because most fish and chips I had either have too much flour and too little meat, have overcooked dry fish meat or overcooked out and undercooked inside. It is not easy to cook a good fish and chip if the proportion between flour and fish is not right.

I am not a big fan of Chocolate, other than when I was pregnant with Jamie. Back then I used to crave for Chocolates and I always had Chocolates in my fridge as snacks. I used to joke that Jamie is more tanned because of all the Chocolates I ate during pregnancy (while James is fair coz I drank tonnes of fresh milk when I was pregnant with him..) Haha! But on normal days I don’t actually eat much Chocolates. And some artificially-flavored pies actually tastes fake. eg the Red Bean Pie.

I was not expecting too much when I took my first bite. But when the Chocolate ooze into my mouth, I had this OMG feeling. This sinful indulgence is really worth the calories. Initially I wanted to share with my kids but since no one hovered over me, I decided to finish the Chocolate Pie myself! Haha! Yeah, I am usually okay to share but I am extremely protective of what is on my plate, especially if I like the food.

I heard the Thai Milk Tea was fantastic too but yet to try it out! But I will definitely indulge in such gluttony sin again if I must! Hahaha!

Actually I very much want to compliment the Macdonald product development department. It seems that they are coming up with really nice and tasty new menus these days to make sure the customers keep coming back.

Keep up the good work! I will look forward to many more new menus to try out!

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