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[Food] Have a Huat Huat (旺旺) Dog Year 2018 with McDonald’s Prosperity Burger!

Happy Huat Huat (旺旺) Dog Year to everyone! Today is the first day of the Dog Year 2018, hereby I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperity year!

What are you going to do today? Are you going to eat the leftover food from yesterday’s reunion dinner or are you going to pop by the nearest Fast Food Outlet before you head towards your next visiting destination?

If you have not decided what to eat this Chinese New Year, I highly recommend the Mcdonald’s Prosperity Meal!

Yes! It’s back!

The McDonald’s Prosperity Burger is back!

If you are a loyal big fan of the Prosperity Burger, I believe you would have eaten it Sooooo Many Times by then!

Due to my “promise” to my kids for their weekly Mcdonald’s fix, I already had the Prosperity Beef Burger and Twister Fries at least 4 times so far and tried the Red Bean Pie & Lychee Frizz once!

I can only say…….. YUMMY!

Picture of the Prosperity Beef Burger Meal with Twister Fries and Lychee Frizz!

Picture of the Saucy Prosperity Beef Burger

I noticed not all branches will give the same amount of black pepper sauce but in general, the sauce in both branches (Tampines East and AMK park) I ate are sufficient.

Picture of Twister Fries

If you are a big fan of twister fries, this is definitely not to be missed! But not all branches serve you freshly cooked twister fries I noticed. Some tend to cook many in one shot and then recook or reheat the “old stock” before serving later on. Please don’t feel shy to ask for a newly fried packet of twister fries. Since we only get them once or twice a year, we must make sure we get good ones k!

Picture of Red Bean Pie

I was hesitating whether to get the set with the red bean pie and lychee frizz as I prefer coffee to frizzy drinks. But I am always into trying new products so I decided to give them a try. The lychee frizz was okay. Not super sweet but don’t taste lychee either.

But I love the red bean pie! The crust is the usual pie crust and the red bean paste is wet and chewy. The taste is pretty unique if you like to mix sweet with salty.

Picture of Happy Meal box

If you are a big fan of Snoopy then you should start to collect all the Happy Meal toys! But since Snoopy is quite a “retro toy”, my kids are not so into them. Those toys are all lying at home in their original plastic bags 😦 What a waste…

Maybe Macdonalds can give away more popular cartoon figurings instead, such as Pokemon and Avengers etc.

Not sure when will the Promotion be over so do try the Burger if you have yet to do so! They come in Beef and Chicken Flavor so that non-beef eater can also try the burger. Have fun tasting both burgers if you do not have dietary preference!

Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

Wishing everyone all the best for the new year! Cheers! Huat Ah!

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