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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game Part 2

Hello! Have you tried the Tips I shared during the last post? I continued with the tactics for Day 2 and Day 3. Lets review where I am now in the game.

I started my new game in District 69. My old game was started in District 18 and in just 70+ days, the game developer had opened so many more Districts. What’s more in only 4 days, the game developer open District 70 because District 69 is full! This means this game is really very popular, with increasing number of players!

Start of Day 4 and I am at Official Rank 7 since start of Day 3. Average play time per day is 2-3 hours for Day 2 and Day 3. This shows that this game is not very time consuming like some other games. I have 4 wives and 22 门客 and 5 children.

I followed the Tips I read online as closely as I can, example:

1. I do not go and 寻访 unnecessarily to increase the number of my wives. 2 of my new wives was given to me as my power status grown. 西施 was awarded after I hit VIP2. But some of the main missions required me to hit a number of 寻访. In this case, I just continued to 寻访 even after the probability drops below the recommended 70%. This will prevent me from meeting new ladies and increase my chances of getting more wives unnecessarily.

2. I focus on increase the 亲密度 of 3 wives to min 20 so that they can help increase the abilities of the Generals related to them, eg, 华安,干将 and 李卫. I also focus on increasing the 魅力 for the first wife as recommended by the Tips. The tips said we are to groom wife by wife. And focus on the wife who is linked to one of your Generals. Eg I won’t groom 西施 unless I get 韩信.

3. You may ask me why I want to spend money in the game. What if the players are not rich. According to the Tips I read, the Top-up can be very affordable and minimum just for the first 3 days to speed up the foundation to hit Official Rank 7. After his rank, the promotion will be a bit slower and with a better foundation, you can promote faster later on even without topping up money in the game. How I top-up is:

  • Day 1: Buy monthly subscription RMB28 and RMB 6. This helps me to get 高长恭 General and the top-up rewards. With 高长恭 you can increase your 武力 and 魅力, which will gain you fighting power and enlistment of army, so that you can gain as much 政绩 as you can to faster promote in Ranking. I also increase to VIP1. There are some discounted rate for VIP1 holders in the 商场 where you can use 元宝 to buy equipments.
  • Day 2: I top up RMB30 to get the next tier of top-up rewards and accumulative daily rewards. They have some gifts that can help to increase 武力 and 银两 which is required in fighting 关卡 and increasing the power of my 门客.
  • Day 3: I top up RMB30 and RMB6, to get the accumulative top up rewards for RMB98 which include 1000元宝. With more 元宝 you can buy more equipment from 商场 or increase the slots for 书院 and 子嗣 as requested in the main missions. I also upgraded to VIP2 and was given 西施 as a wife. But she is not as useful if we didn’t upgrade to VIP3 to get 韩信. However, I want to make this my final top-up. On Day 3, I also gotten Official Rank 7.

4. As I am not going to have 韩信 who is a all-rounder, I will give all my 随机portions to 华安 and focus on grooming him. I gave him most of the 强化卷 too to push up his potentials. From a Potential 8, he is now a Potential 24, and level 100 which is considered very high.

Comparing to 高长恭, he is considered “stronger” as his strengths are evenly spread out, unlike 高长恭 who is only good in 武力 and 魅力.

The good thing about grooming the first wife is, she can help to increase all 华安 strengths (全部属性) at the same time.

5. I listened to the advices and kept all the low potentials (笨拙) children unmarried to save on 元宝 since spending 80-180元宝 to get them married aren’t able to get back much returns as the child-in-law will likely be low potentials too. Save up the money to marry high potentials children who become 举人 and above. High potential 秀才 can be married off too.

6. Focus on increasing the 武力 and 魅力 first so that you can clear as many 关卡 as you can because clearing 关卡 increase your 政绩 very fast. This will help you to get promoted faster too. Next, increase your 智力 because it will help you get more 银两 which is needed to increase level of your 门客. So far i have 4 门客 at level 100 and promote to 男爵. i cleared until 关卡 number 24. But the higher 关卡 consume more army so I need time to recuperate my army before I go for the next 关卡.

7. If there are good deals just take first. Every now and then the 商场 will have different types of deals. Sometimes they sell 银两 and 士兵 at a discounted rate for VIP members. If you have 元宝 to spare and need army to fight 关卡 or/and 银两 to upgrade your 门客, then you can buy using your 元宝.

8. Don’t forget your daily missions! Join all the competitions you can find to gain rewards which include equipments, army and money etc.

Okay! That’s all for now! Hope these two posts will be useful to those new to the game! Enjoy the game and leave your comments to share if the Tips work for you or not, and if you have other Tips to share!

If you have any new iPhone games to recommend, do send me the App name and App Thumbnail Picture! I will play and share my experiences!

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