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[Game] Noob Manual for 《叫我官老爷》App Game

Hi All! Have you tried the Chinese iPhone Game 《叫我官老爷》which I posted a blog review some weeks back?

Are you still wondering how to start the game or “stuck” at some level like myself for a while?

Day 71 and I am stuck at Rank 5 for a while. I had problems clearing the 关卡 as my 武力 is not strong enough. I also went “broke” a while and had to “slow down” to accumulate more wealth so that I can upgrade my 门客. I have 22 wives and 70 children and 27 门客.

I wanted a break through, so I went online to read on the various Noob Manuals. I found out the possible reason for my current situation:

1. I should have focus on increasing my 武力 and 魅力 which will ensure I have a continuous influx of strong army 士兵. Army alone cannot guarantee killing of each 关卡 bosses. Only a strong 武力 will be helpful when fighting 关卡 bosses and the various fighting missions. This will increase the power status 势力 and increasing the speed of gathering the necessary 政业 for Ranking Promotion.

2. I should have started accumulating more wealth 银两 from the start which will help to increase the promotion of 门客. Coz as 门客 promote to higher level, it gets more expensive to promote them further.

3. I should not have done too many 寻访 which resulted in too many wives which I had no time and equipments to upgrade all of them, resulting in non-focusing on promoting the 门客 with higher 武力.

4. I wasted money on marrying off the 笨拙 children which will not be very helpful in increasing my 势力. I could have saved the money to increase the level of my 门客.

After knowing the possible reasons for my current situation, I wanted very much to test out if those online reviews and Tips are true and effective. Hence, I created a new character to test out these Tips, and accumulated the real-time to create the Noob Manual for this game.

Day 1, I created a character.

All New Characters start with 华安 as the first 门客.

华安 started with very low potential, ie. 8. However, all his traits are evenly spread.

New Character started with 华安 and 师爷 whom control the harvesting of resources and doing of 政务. At the start, the character does not have any wife and child.

The character will be given 4 other 门客 whose traits are 武力,魅力,政治 and 智力. As mentioned in the last blog post, 魅力 decides how many 士兵 you can enlist, 政治 decides on the 粮草 harvest from farms and 智力 decides on the 银两 earn from trading

The first ranking promotion will come very fast. The first wife will come after the first ranking promotion. You will also gain a few other 门客. Although you can play by not spending a cent but I think spending about SGD8 will benefit you in the long way, as it will give you some good equipment and a powerful 武力 门客 whose potential is at 24 from the start. So this is what I did on Day 1 according to the Tips I read about:

1. Register and Pay for 1 month subscription for about SGD6 and top up another SGD2.

I get the first top up reward aka 门客高长恭. His strengths are 魅力 and 武力.

I also get to promote to VIP1 which gives me some privileges.

2. I went to Like their Game Facebook Page and got another free Powerful 门客. His potentials is also 24 and his strengths are 智力 and 政治.

3. Focus on leveling up these two 门客 plus 萧剑 whose strength is 武力.

Do the same for the subsequent 门客 after your 2nd and 3rd Ranking Promotion. Choose about 6 门客 to focus on levelling up, ie. the 2 higher potential ones plus 4 others good in 武力.

4. Use your level up potions and pills effectively. Those with specific effect on 魅力 and 武力, give to 高长恭. Those with specific effect on 智力 and 政治, give to the 魏门客. 随机 potions and pills can give to 华安. 华安 though started lousy but can built its strengths. At the end of Day 1, 华安 is at potential level 12 and I actually only play 3 hours for Day 1. With those 强化卷, you can increase any 门客 potentials.

5. Remember to clear all daily missions and main activities.

At the end of 3 hours, I had to stop playing because I completed the daily missions and main activities. Completing these promptly, can give you useful equipments to level up your 门, resources or/and power status.

6. Focus on increasing 武力,魅力 and 智力. Coz I need money to level up my 门客, I need 魅力 to increase enlistment of army and I need 武力 to fight 关卡 bosses and daily fighting missions. I had to stop after 3 hours also coz I am unable to replace those soldiers who got killed at the 关卡 faster than they get killed.

7. Don’t be greedy and want to have many wives at the start. You need to produce smart children who will increase your 势力 after they get married. Hence, you need to focus on your first wife whom you will get after the first ranking promotion. Increase her 魅力 till 200-300 so that you can produce smart children. And you need to increase the 亲密度 so that you can level up 华安 who is somehow link to your first wife.

At the end of day 1 you will have another wife who will not be useful until you have your next 门客 who is high in 武力 aka 干将. To prevent having too many wives at the start, try not to go for too many 寻访 unless listed in the main activities.

8. At the start, when the wife’s 魅力 is low, you will produce 笨拙 children. You need money to marry your children so to use money wisely, try to marry children who have at least 2000+ abilities.

9. You will be giving some money 元宝 at the start. Use them wisely as not easy to accumulate 元宝 unlike 银两.

I used them to purchase some money and soldiers to be used for fighting at 关卡 and levelling up 门客.

10. At the end of Day 1 (3 hours), I was promoted 3 times. 2 wives, 2 children and 15 门客. Please stay tune for Day 2 summary and see if we are able to reach Rank 7 by Day 2.

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  1. Hi I was wondering could you guide me on how to change my game name please? Their guides are fully in Chinese and I don’t understand Chinese. Appreciate your help


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