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[Parenting] 3 Reasons why I support Use of Smart Gadgets at Home among children

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You may be wondering.. Hey! Why do I support and encourage my daughter to become a YouTuber at her young age? Some friends even tell me iPad is potent and I should just stick with TV. Some doesn’t even approved TV time.

Hmmm.. sometimes it does disturb me seeing how well-informed Jamie has become by just watching YouTube and playing online games eg Roblox and Minecraft. Books seems to be more boring to her now as words don’t move like what she is watching and playing.

But come to think of it, so far it only proven useful to her as she gained more information around the world from the internet. Such as…

1. Relevance to her School Work

Looking at her project work for the Dec school holidays, I am sure MOE is heading in the direction of making internet and social media relevant to education. If we continue to hide in our little wells, our kids will lag behind their peers in no time.

2. Smart Nation starts from Home

We all know that PM Lee has been talking about Smart Nation and going paperless. He himself is leading the example aka walk the talk by actively using the social media to share his daily life. If we don’t move as fast as our PM, and starts using Smart Gadgets and Social Media from home, these future leaders will one day be obsolete and incapable of competing on par with their peers.

3. Good for Training Fine Motor Skill Development, Precision and Reflex

I am not joking when I say using smart gadgets can train our hand-eye coordination which is a kind of fine motor skill development and cognitive development.

Playing games using smart gadgets actually train your precision and reflex so that your hand-eye moves as fast as your brain, yet being accurate or precise in the direction/location where you are pointing your fingers. I must say not everyone has a good hand-eye coordination to be a good iPad or iPhone gamer. Hence, I suspect those who does not enjoy using smart gadgets may be due to the limitation in their fine motor skills or hand-eye coordination. This is similar to why some people take a longer time to learn cycling. Because cycling needs a combination of hand-eye coordination, reflex and stability/balancing skills.

I have to say I am quite fast in my typing of msgs on my phone and I can use my iPhone apps to blog, because I can use two thumbs to type at the same time, while some people are still using 1 finger to type.

But Jamie’s fine motor skills, cognitive, hand-eye coordination are way more advance than me. She can use both hands to play the Minecraft. One hand control the directions and one hand control the menu. Minecraft is no easy game. It looks easy to build those building and catch the animals or dig a hole but it is not. It requires some level of fine motor skills and cognitive development to play it.

Similarly for Roblox. I tried playing Roblox with Jamie and she had to teach me how to use two hands to play. And it is really difficult for me. Haha!

You may then ask me, so how then to prevent our children from learning bad ways or/and gadget-poisoned from playing games using the Smart Gadgets.

1. Self Discipline and Responsibility

Even adults need self-discipline when comes to any form of over-indulgence, drinking, eating, playing computer games and shopping.

Similarly, the children need to learn self-discipline and responsibility towards themselves. Overprotecting them or Removing the “threats” is not the solution. It is more of “blaming” the “threats”. You cannot shield the children forever. Once they have access to the gadgets, they will be uncontrollable because it is something new and interesting to them.

2. Setting a Timetable

If the children really cannot have self-discipline, then the children can be trained that “there is time for everything.” Indicate very clearly in the timetable when is time for work and when is time for play.

3. Play with the Children together

There are many ways to monitor our children. Downloading Kids YouTube or Locking the YouTube or Phone are not what we believe in.

We believe in building trust and rapport with our children. I went through the rebellious stage where I stopped writing diary altogether after I realized my mother read my diary which I placed on the book shelf, trusting that she will respect my privacy and trust that I will not do anything wrong. To her, she just want to know me better (maybe), but to me she lost my trust by not trusting me.

When your children grow up to know you choose to monitor them strictly because you do not trust them, they will be very sad. Of coz you do not “trust” that every child has self-discipline and will willingly follow a timetable, however you should trust your children because they are your children. They only have you in this world.

Our way of “monitoring” the children is to increase their trust by entering their virtual world and play together with them. By entering their world, they will feel that you trust them and put their guards down. Then they will not deliberately hide the truth from you. If you spot anything “not right”, you can create the opportunities for the children to learn on their own by seeing for themselves. (instead of telling them “I told you so” later on which is very hurtful.)

So don’t worry too much and embrace the future technology with your children!

One thought on “[Parenting] 3 Reasons why I support Use of Smart Gadgets at Home among children

  1. Thanks for sharing this information Jolene. I find myself on the fence when it comes to gadgets. My children absolutely love Minecraft and Roblox. My wife and me try to limit gadget use to weekends, and as a reward.

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