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[Game] 叫我官老爷 (Call me the Government Officer)

This is the first time I write Game Review for a Chinese Smartphone Game in English. Not sure if it will seem weird.

However, I feel that this game is very easy to play and is not demanding on one’s Chinese Language abilities. So I hope by writing the game review in English, I can reach out to more players.

Do give me your inputs whether you feel that it is okay to write game review in English for Chinese Smartphone Games.


This game is called <叫我官老爷> which means “call me the government official”. The objectives of the game is to get promote to the highest official ranking 一品官 or/and a Duke 王爷 position.

Currently, I just got promoted to only at Acting Official (Rank 5) or 徒五品官. Following the promotion, I was able to obtain more resources…

Below is the summary page that shows my power status (势力) and its components, and what are my resources (资源) in terms of political achievements (政绩), wealth (银两), food (粮草) and army (士兵).

These wealth, food and army resources are interrelated, because:

  • you require wealth to upgrade your generals’ (门客) competencies (属性) and skills (技能).
  • you require food to feed your army.

The power status (势力) in turns affect the amount of resources (资源).

  • The more intelligence (智力) you have, the more wealth (银两和元宝) you have.
  • The better you can play politics (政治), the more food (粮草) you gain.
  • The more charismatic (魅力) you have, the more soldiers you can recruit/feed.
  • The more fighting abilities (武力) you have, the more “villain bosses” you can kill when clearing the missions (关卡).


The Game Interface is like ancient china’s Capital. Every building has a function. Let me explain what is each of their functions.

West of Capital

Plot (剧本)

At the left side of the town, the Plot (剧本) allows you to kill soldiers or barbarians who are attacking the Capital. By killing the soldiers/barbarians, you will be rewarded with credits which can be exchanged for useful items. There are two different timing where the enemy soldiers/barbarians will “attack” the Capital and you can send your Generals (门客) to go and help out.

Below is samples of some items you can exchange using the credits accumulated. The green robes are required to promote your Generals beyond level 100 until level 150. The rainbow pills increase the level of competencies of your Generals.

Study Hall (翰林)

The Study Hall is used for joining “study groups” or to create “study groups for other players to join. Using the credits gained, you can upgrade the competencies/skills of your Generals.

Restaurant (酒楼)

The Restaurant is used for joining other players’ feasting sessions or create our own and invite us to join yours. Similarly, credits gained allow us to exchange for useful items.

Central Capital

Palace (皇宫)

The middle portion consists of the Palace (皇宫), which is used for collecting the daily allowances. In the photo below, it shows that I had collected my daily allowance (已领取).

It will also be where you can see your face once you had promote to the Duke ranking, provided there is “vacancy” for the promotion. In the photo below, it shows that there is a Duke position called 平西王.

Library (书院)

Library (书院) is where your Generals to upgrade their skills (技能) & education level (书籍经验). With higher skills and education level, they can gain higher level of competencies.

Example, with higher education level or skill level, you can upgrade the competency level of this General…

Checkpoint (关卡)

Check Points (关卡) is for maintaining of internal security. Clearing the various stages help you to increase your wealth (银两), political results (政绩) and power status (势力). However, you need to continuously recruit new army (士兵) because the fighting does “kill” your army. Whether or not how big your army can grow will depends on your available Food (粮草) and your accumulated Charisma (魅力).

How good your army can fight depends on your accumulated fighting competency (武力).

Home (府宅)

Home (府宅) is where you will be when you login the game. It is your “Home” and where you have to manage your households and resources.

The bubbles show that there are tasks for you to complete. 华安 is like your secretary who manages your resources(资产), ie. your businesses (wealth), your lands (food) and your army (士兵). He will also be the first General you will be given at the start of the game.

师爷 helps in your “office” or 官府. He will implement whatever “official work” (政务) you approve. 子嗣 refers to your children and how you groom them. The higher your lovingness (亲密度) with your wives, the higher the “quality” or overall competency of your children. The children’s quality will decide whether other players with children with similar quality want to “marry” them.

红颜 refers to your wives. You will start off with one wife 雪碧云 and slowly get more wives. The more wives you have the more children you get. However at the start of the game, the probability of conceiving children is lower. But slowly as you rise in rank, your probability of conceiving is higher.

媒婆 job is to help your adult children to find someone to get married. Once married, both your children and the children-in-law will add on to your overall political power and competencies.

Yamen (衙门)

Yamen is the place where your Generals can enhance their skills and competency. You can also use the opportunity to wipe out other players’ Generals to increase your reputation and political power.

East Capital

Guild (联盟)

Guild may not be a must but good to have. The daily tribute and contribution in fighting the zombies allow the player to gain more useful items to help in promoting the ranking and General competencies.

Prison (牢房)

Prison is where you punish those bosses you have captured after defeating each Checkpoint. By punishing them you are rewarded with useful items.

Ranking Chart (排行)

Ranking Chart is where the Top Players are listed. By Kowtow (膜拜) to them daily you get rewarded with money or political power.

Community Visit (寻访)

Community Visit refers to visiting your neighbourhood. From these visits, you can increase your resources, attract new wives and increase your wives’ lovingness (亲密度) with you.


1. Claim your Daily Allowance

2. Claim All Your Resources from 华安

3. Clear the official work with 师爷

4. Groom your children

If you groom your children to become adults, they will become “successful” in their own ways according to the lovingness of the player and the children’s mothers.

5. Mate with the Wives (红颜)

Players will start with one wife and get more wives by doing Community Visits or increasing in ranks. These are the wives I have now.

Mating with the individual wife selectively (宠幸) or by chance (随机传唤) may conceive children.

Player has to name his children.

But once you used up all the slots for child grooming, your wives will be unable to conceive until a child is groomed to adulthood and free up a slot for a new baby. Before you get a freed slot, you can use “mass mating” (一键传唤) to collect your mating experience.

These mating experiences can be used to increase the competencies of the Generals (门客) they are related to. Example 李师师 is related to 年羹尧. So her mating experiences (红颜经验) can be used to increase 年羹尧 competencies.

6. Upgrade your Wives

Upgrade your wives by giving (赏赐) items to her to increase her prettiness/charismatic (魅力) and her lovingness with you (亲密度).

This is the list of your potential wives whom you can attract via 寻访 and accumulating the VIP points.

7. Seek Marriage for your Adult children

There are two ways to seek marriage for your adult children.

First method is to 招亲.

The other is 提亲.

Once married, both players (you and your inlaws) gain from the 婚姻加成.

8. Upgrade your Generals (门客)

Every General has different competencies. Some are good in fighting (武力), some are good in politics (政治), some are good in charisma (魅力) and some are good in intelligence (智力).

Some Generals have two competencies like 高长恭, which are fighting skill (武力) and charismatic skills (魅力).

General 韩信 has all competencies (全能).

9. Clear Daily Missions

10. Claim whatever freebies you can

Once you clear your 10 things to do, you an go around the town to complete the different quests and claim your freebies.

That is all about the game!

Now to start playing the game! Enjoy! Do leave your comments to let me know if you enjoy the game!

Have Fun!

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