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It is really not easy for me to juggle with work, studies and household all at the same time.

I did it okay so far. Stressed but manageable. Busy but fulfilling. Deprived of Sleep but filled with EC knowledge!

But of coz I am not a superwoman. I need an outlet too to disperse the negative feelings and emotions sometimes too. One form of outlet that works for me is to play iPhone games. I think this is something not many females will do. Usually they will shop and eat. I binge-eat a lot lately and shop online recklessly too. But I only have so much $ to spend so these two outlets are not suitable for people like me.

I had always love trying new iPhone or Google Play Games (especially after I got my Tab A). I have a mixture of online and offline games, essential to help me pass time or destress. Offline games comes especially handy when I am on the plane unable to sleep or have no data plan when overseas.

Today, I want to introduce this game which I find it addictive. It is not like those farm games or time management games that require a lot of commitment. You can play it as you like. It is FOC and available on both iPhone App Store and Google Play Store.

The App Thumbnail looks like this. You can create an account or sign in using your Facebook account.

When you sign in the game, you will see this page.


1. Choose your preferred LIVE “Challenge”.

Each Challenge requires you to decorate the interior of a house, according to the listed requirements.

It is a LIVE game played by millions of people around the world. Hence the challenges are LIVE and there is a specific dateline to submit each challenge.

For example, I entered this Challenge just now… the dateline is 8hrs later and I will get $500 after I enter the Challenge. I can use this money to buy more furniture.

After you click on the Challenge you wish to enter, Look at the Requirements carefully. The green furniture are compulsory but the purple ones are optional. In this Challenge, the requirements are A Tufted Item and Two Black Wooden Items.

When you owned a suitable item, you can use it to meet the requirement.

But when you don’t have an item that meet the requirements, you got to buy using the money you have.

2. Submit the completed Design for the Challenge.

Once you completed your Design, you can submit your Design for the Challenge. The other players will vote for the different entries. Those rated more than 4 stars will get free furniture while those rated more than 5 stars get free furniture + diamonds.

3. Wait for the Voting Results or/and Enter the Next Challenge

The result will be out soon after the submission dateline. The voting result is based on the voting from the millions of players. An example of a result is this…

I scored 4.22 stars for this previous entry. Coz I scored more than 4 stars so I won a Modloft Table. My new overall average score became 4.17 stars too. The results also show the list of Top Designs.

So now you know how to play the game! But how do you win the game then? There is no “final” winner as there are always new Challenges created.

You can either “challenge” yourself to achieve as high scores as you can for each Challenge or break your own records for your average overall scores. Or simply accumulate as much design values as you can.

If you are feeling competitive, you can also try to win your friends or other players average overall scores or/and top design values among worldwide players.

Tips to Play the Game

1. Join All The Daily Challenges.

Each Daily Challenge earns the player $2500. They do not have stipulated requirements too, so they are easy to complete and do not need to spend a cent as you can use any item in your store to complete the Design.

Join as many as Daily Challenges you can to accumulate sufficient $ to buy furnitures to meet the stipulated requirements in the more “difficult” challenges.

2. Login to receive your Daily Rewards even when you are not playing

Everyday you get 500 diamonds and 20 keys free when you check in.

You require the keys to enter Challenges. Normal Challenges require 25 keys to enter, while Daily Challenges require only 15 keys to enter.

You can use the diamonds to purchase furnitures, paintings, plants and accessories.

3. Vote for other players to accumulate Keys to enter Challenges

You are to vote for other players to accumulate Keys required to enter Challenges. Every 5 votes you gain 3 Keys. This voting system gives you the opportunities to see how different players from around the world design the same interiors as you. It tells us how different the same interiors may look when they are in the eyes and hands of different beholders. It also teaches me to see things at different perspectives.

4. Borrow from your friends when you do not have an items

You need not always buy new furniture. Sometimes you can also borrow a furniture from your friend. However, you can only borrow once within a certain duration.

4. Enter Series Challenges

By entering all the Challenges in the same series, not only you will be awarded $1000 per Challenge instead of the usual $500 per Challenge, you will also be awarded free furniture, paintings and accessories from the Series!

Why do I like this game?

1. This game has therapeutic effect on me, like drawing or coloring to others.

I always look forward to visiting my friends’ houses, hotels or airbnbs to appreciate how they do up the interiors, eg any theme they follow or any special stories behind the designs. This game gave me the opportunities to do up millions of different interiors to my liking while meeting the stipulated requirements.

2. To understand how the world see and rate different designs.

I realized what I feel as pretty and eye-pleasing is different from how the other players feel so. As it is a LIVE game, instead of being rated by NPCs or using a pre-progammed rating scale, we are actually rated LIVE by real human players all over the world by being voted by the worldwide players. I am surprised that all those I felt I designed “anyhow”, are rated higher than those who felt I spent loads of effort designing. In this game, you will learnt to understand what is “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholders”.

3. A Form of Subtle “Interaction” / “Connection” with the World

Although there is no chat function with the other worldwide players. However, I can feel some “interaction” or “connection” going on. It is quite amazing to know there are so many LIVE players playing the game at the same time.

Areas for Improvements?

1. Buy-Sell-Trade Items among players

Apart from buying the furniture from the NPCs or borrow furniture from a friend, it will be more interesting if we can buy the furniture from other players too. This allows the players to be more creative and entrepreneurial. Unlimited purchases will allow us to complete the challenges faster too as currently we are only allow to borrow from 1 friend within a stipulated period of time.

2. Chat Functions or Forums to share Design Tips

It will be more interactive and informative if we are able to chat and exchange ideas about designs among the LIVE players. Articles can also be written and posted here for players to gather ideas to decorate their real homes too.

Overall, this is a therapeutic game that “brings” me to another “world” where I doubt I will ever have the chance to visit or own in my lifetime.

This game is also helpful to those players who are planning to get a new place or want to refurnish their existing homes.

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