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[KDrama] “Black” Breaking the Rules of Heaven

1 more day to my written examinations, and I just finished Ep3 and Ep4 of this new KDrama Hit <Black>. You must be wondering what is so addictive about this KDrama that I chose to neglect my studies for it.

If you are a big fan of dark fantasy storyline like <Goblin> , you will definitely enjoy watching this drama. <Black> tells of a timid detective, Han, who was possessed by a Grim Reaper during an accident where he was shot in the head. He woke up losing his memories and became a “super-human” who named himself “Black”.

Han’s childhood friend, Kang Ha-Ram was born with the abilities to see ghosts and Grim Reapers. She was also able to foresee who will die and how the person will die.

As the story slowly unfolded, more mysterious were uncovered about Han’s past and Ha-Ram’s father’s death.

Eventually “Black” and Ha-Ram joined force to start saving lives and break the rules of the heaven. I had not reached the part yet but the story is getting really exciting.

How different is this story from <Goblin>?

1. I will say <Goblin> is a fantasy romance KDrama but this drama is more of a thriller fantasy drama. However, I do think later on “Black” and Ha-Ram will have some romance going on, since Han was Ha-Ram’s childhood’s first love. But I had not seen it coming yet at Ep4.

2. The Grim Reaper in <Goblin> has some humane feelings and emotions, while “Black” is very cold and unfeeling. He explains that there is two types of Grim Reapers. One type who is like him are born Grim Reapers, the pure blood and higher class beings. Vs the second type who is given the role as a Grim Reaper as a form of punishment for taking his/her own life. They have a period of “sentence” to serve until they had redeemed their “sins” of taking their own lives. Usually the first type like “Black” despise the second type of Grim Reapers.

3. This drama is rather dark and can be scary because there are some ghastly images of “ghosts” or “Grim Reapers” in the drama. There will also be a “ghostly” sound effect whenever a person is “stalked by a Grim Reaper” (meaning they are about to die). I can feel my goosebumps when I watched the drama alone in a quiet environment.

4. Song Seung-Heon kinda of manly coolness is different from Gong-Yoo kinda of boyish coolness. And yes, I started to rewatch <Goblin> and is at Ep4 now too. It is kind of interesting to watch two very different yet similar Kdrama whose stories circulate around fantasy, Grim Reapers, the girl who can see ghosts and the unknown almighty.

Let me share more about the drama after I watched more k? Heehee… For those who wants to chase this drama together with me, you can catch it together with me using the Viu apps. I paid a bit for unlimited streaming of Kdramas. I think about $6 per month without contract. So anytime I can just cancel the subscription. But I think this small money can go a LONG LONG way! Hehe…

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