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[Kids] 13 Things to Do at Singapore Maritime Gallery

I feel parents when it comes to finding places to bring our little ones out on weekends. Coz I too “ran out” of ideas sometimes.

Hence, I hope my sharing on kids-friendly fun places will be useful to all parents out there! Heehee!

Last weekends, we went to this place which is less known to Singaporeans. I first thought that we would be going to the Maritime Museum in Sentosa, when I heard Laogong said “Maritime”. I only found out I had mistaken him when he exited at Marina Coastal Drive. Heehee…

This hidden gem is not only good for MOE educational tours, it is also a place to expose our preschoolers to our historical past and what to expect for the future maritime landscapes.

1. Learn how Maritime had played a large part in our Nation Building since our Pre-Colonial Times

It tells the story of those tough times from Pre-Colonial Singapore to Singapore’s early years of Nation Building, and how much Singapore’s growth had depended on our geographically strategic location in the World Map.

2. Learn why and how the New Thai Kra Canal financed by China, threatens Singapore Maritime status in the global market

Previously I do not very much understand how the Thai Kra Canal can so easily remove Singapore from its current Maritime status in the global market. However, now I do.

The above picture shows how the existing maritime route will be changed once the Thai Kra Canal is built.

For more information about how the Thai Kra Canal Saga, read here:

3. Learn not take our Country’s current prosperity for granted. Embrace yourself for whatever challenges that may lies ahead.

We have to understand where we are now in the global development, does not come easy. We have to appreciate whatever our forefathers have gone through for us and be prepared for whatever challenges that may lie ahead. At the same time not to be complacent and continue to work harder for an always better tomorrow.

Somehow I wish to sing the Moana song, “How far I’ll Go” now.

4. Learn how a Lighthouse Works

5. Learn what does each Navigation Lantern mean

6. Learn about the different Ships/Vessels

7. Learn how much things can a container carries

You will be surprised at how much a container can carry!

8. Learn that Singapore has one-third of the World Coral species

9. Learn about our Maritime Security

10. Simulate the steering of a vessel as a Ship Captain (more real than Kidzania)

Even Laogong likes to play with it!

Thought this simulation is really cool! Best of all there is no queue! So better visit before this hidden gem is discovered by more people!

There is a game version in the kid room too which requires the player to lift some cartons/containers and place them accurately on the vessels.

11. Play Digital Dress-Up

There is this digital dress-up device but it was not working very well when we were there.

12. Learn how to fold a boat

When was the last time you did origami with your little ones? I remember origami was one of my favorite childhood past time. It encourages creativity, imagination and works on your fine motor skills!

Origami Paper and the written steps are provided if you had forgotten how to fold a boat.

I made a paper boat!

13. Enjoy Coloring Therapy

I am always someone who loves to colour. I mean I am not a great artist but I enjoy colouring. It keeps my mind shut away and just focus on what I am doing.

Ta-Da! The finished picture!

We took about 1 hour to walk through the exhibition but spent a bit more time at the simulator and coloring corner.

It was a very relaxing afternoon. Most importantly, we get to enjoy a lovely ocean view from the Gallery.

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