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[Kids] 8 Things to do at Army Open House 2017 

Haven’t thought of where to bring your kids today?

Go to the Army Open House 2017 at Singapore Flyer F1 Pit!

I remember many years ago before I was married and had children, before Marina South was developed, the Army Open House would be in Marina South. Those days we had to take shuttle bus and walked to the Open House Venue under the Hot Sun.
It had been a while since I went to the Army Open House. Like many other Singaporeans, I realized we had somehow taken for granted that Singapore will remain safe and secure. We had taken for granted the many boys and men who had put in the effort, time and maybe even blood to protect our country and our family. Following the many many terrorists attacks in other countries, I realized we can no longer take our country’s safe and security for granted.

1. National Education for our children

We need to respect those who risk their own lives to protect the lives of us and our family. As a mother, nothing is more important to me than my children and family. We need to teach our next generation the importance of patriotism and the belief that they have to step out and play their parts when our country needs us.

I was delighted to hear James said when he grows up, he will protect the country and his family. He will fight and beat bad guys who want to hurt his country and people. Wow! That’s a lot to hear from a 4 year old!

Didi, I do look forward to see you in your Smart 4 in 14 years time.

I was surprised that Jamie did not think serving the army is a “Man’s job”. She actually walked up to an army guy and asked if there are “girls” in the army too. Woo! I love her 巾帼不让须眉 attitude! Boys out there, Don’t mess with my girl ah! 😛

2. Ride a Tank

I had always been ppa fan of Tank Armoury Unit.


I think it was because of all the army movies I watched. It seemed that soldiers who are assigned to Tanks, literally have no other way out but to die in honor in wars/battles.

I really respect them for their bravery.

One of such movies to watch is “Fury” by Brad Pitt.

And so we did not mind queueing up 30 minutes to take a photo sitting on a tank! Yes, sitting on a tank! If you are a big fan like me, don’t miss it!

3. Imagine yourself in DOTS

Remember the scene in DOTS where the male lead left his first date in an helicopter?

There is one at the Open House too!

But we did not queue for it because of the long long queue. But if you are not a fan of the Tank, you can queue for this instead!

4. Learning About the Different Army Weapons and Vehicles

This is a rare opportunity to learn about the many different types of Army Weapons and Vehicles.

5. Watch the Dynamic Defence Display Show and Performance by the SAF Central Band & Music and Drama Company

As it was raining earlier in the day, so she reached the venue after 4pm and missed the Dynamic Defensive Display Show. So if you don’t want to miss it today, you better get dressed and head out now!

But we managed to catch the Performance by the Music and Drama Company and the SAF Central Band. Believe me, it is as good or even better than what you watched during NDP Parade!

The performance is at 7.30pm but the gate is opened at 6.30pm. So try to grab a good front seats so you get a good view of the performance!

Spoiler Alert! There will be a short fireworks display too. A short but nice one.

6. Bring one of these home to make with your children

Not sure about you but I love “craft works” and I cannot think of a better parent-child bonding activity than make a craft together.  This is also good for practising fine motor skills 🙂

7. DOTS-aliked Army Boys 

Looking at the number of good-looking fit fit army “boys” at the Open House, I somehow cannot help but think this is the “post-drama effect” of DOTS!

I mean MOST girls love Men In Uniforms right? 😉 So while the kids enjoy themselves at the different stations, mothers can “enjoy” themselves bio-ing good looking fit fit army “boys”. Hehehe…

8. Take beautiful Sunset Photos of Singapore Flyer

I took this beautiful photo while we were waiting for the 7.30pm performance. You can take one too!

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