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[Neverland] Counting my Blessings as I wish myself Happy Birthday! 

Haha! This post really take super long to complete. It was meant to be a pre-New Year countdown post but now it has become my birthday post due to the many delays and constant edits.

And just as I was 75% into the post, I fell very sick for two weeks. The post-viral symptoms such as sniffing nose and phelgmy throat, continued to haunt me for another few weeks after I finished my medicine. Many told me to go and ask for more medicine but I believe in letting my body slowly recuperate. Plus, I really do not like the weak me when I was on heavy medication.

I don’t wish to deny but sometimes I do prefer to stone after a long day work, than to abuse my brain further to think about how to write a better post. And other times, I wish to blog about the movies I watched or the happening events I attended. I really admire and kowtow to the professional bloggers who can stay undistracted and disciplined with their blogging schedule.

But I am still glad I finished this post on a special day like today…

The last one year was a tough one for Laogong and I, but we made it through. 

And that’s not the only blessing I am counting for Year 2016. 

Saying Goodbye to Year 2015 was easy because it was a really bad year for me. But saying goodbye to Year 2016 was not easy, because of the many small successes at work and the many lovely family time together with Laogong and the Kids. Unearthing ourselves from the heavy parenting responsibilities and our efforts to recuperate our finances, Laogong and I are once again exploring new places and braving new adventures together. 

But I believe we have to say goodbye to a good year for many more good years ahead. So let me summarise all the lovely things that happened last year…

1. Stay Slim

Haha! This is definitely worth celebrating! It is not easy to maintain my weight because I LOVE to eat. 

And it is no easy task  for someone with my kind of lifestyle (sleep late, drink little water and minimium exercise) to maintain my shape and looks. 

So I definitely deserve a good pat on my shoulders for my determination and perseverance. 

2. Happy 1 yr anniversary to me in my new job

1 November 2016 marked the 1st year anniversary of me in my new job. 

I still remember I was so happy that I even texted my boss to “remind” her of this happy occasion. While I grinned over my silliness, I was delighted to receive a “Jiayou” reply from her. I stayed happy for the rest of the day. 

I am really so easily contented and not that hard to please.. Hahaha…

It was not easy to achieve small successes in a new job, in an industry I initially wish to leave for good. I am glad that I chose to stay on and gave myself a second chance.

I am now a very different person at work. Not only I feel so myself, many of my friends felt so too. I guess this is my cup of tea afterall, and I finally invited the “right” people to my tea party. 

3. Explored New Countries with Laogong – Koh Samui and Bali

You may not have believed it. But I am really very blessed in Year 2016, when it comes to travelling and staycations. 

We had quite a number of family and couple trips & staycations in Year 2016, namely:

Jan: Laogong Birthday Staycation

Mar: Couple Trip to Melaka

May: My Birthday Staycation

June: Trip to Koh Samui with Laogong and his colleagues + Laogong post-reservist staycation

Aug: NDP Family JB Staycation

Dec: Couple Trip to Bali + Family Trip to HK + Countdown Staycation 

Yea, this also means I am seriously having lots of backlogged travel journals 😛

Anyway, I was trying to say I am really blessed to have explored new countries with Laogong together. I had always wanted to go Koh Samui and Bali, and this year we did it! 

I also think it was very brave of me to challenge myself into Snorkelling and Water-Rafting with Laogong, when I don’t really know how to swim.

Snorkelling @ Koh Samui

Water-rafting @ Bali

I will blog in details about these two trips in separate blog posts.

4. Kids first flight to Hong Kong

We survived the kids’ first flight and the family trip was a success! Everyone enjoyed themselves and I even get to visit a part of HK I had never visited before.

I will share more about this trip in a separate blog post too! 

5. Jamie’s small success in P1

I am lucky that Jamie’s adaptation speed is very fast and compliance level is very high. After sleeping late throughout the school holidays, I did not need too much effort to get her to sleep earlier and wake up on time for school. Waking up at 5am and be at the bus stop to board the school bus at 6.10am is no joke. I went through this for one month only, already killed a lot of cells. But we are lucky to have a good helper who gets Jamie ready and sends her to the bus stop everyday. This buys me a lot more sleep. 

I am happy to share that Jamie has “passed out” from her LSP and can now read 90% of the words in the storybooks! She is even scoring 8-10/10 marks for her weekly spellings. I am really so proud of her! She works very hard! The story of the hare and the tortise is true!

6. James is a Sunflowerkid

Last Dec, James officially became a Sunflowerkid. As I am a big fan of the Multiple Intelligences Curriculum and also understand the importance of an effective Chinese Curriculum, I believe it will do James only good. 

So far, he looks very happy at school every day and he really enjoys the outdoor play and highly interactive learning corners. 

He even celebrated his birthday with his new classmates! I am so proud of James’s adaptablity speed too!

However, James’ new school is actually quite “out of the way” and had extended my driving duration from 20-30min to min 1hr to and fro daily. This is because of the daily slow traffic from Punggol to Tampines Ave 2. But after weighing the pros and cons, I feel it is worth the time and energy spent.

7. Happy 10 yr ROM Anniversary 

Time really flies! Laogong and I are legally married for more than 10 years as of today. Through the ups and downs we had, I realized couples should never be complacent over their marriages and relationships with their other halfs. We need to constantly ignite new good sparks and to constantly refresh our memories on why and how did we first fall in love. Only by doing so, disagreements will then seem irrelevant and unnecessary. 

Year 2016 is also the 16th Sentosa Countdown party we went! People have questioned why we do not get “tired” of going to crowded and noisy places for countdown. But to us, reliving how we first fell in love means alot to us and a good start for the new year. 

Countdown @ Sentosa (31 Dec 2016)

I hope we have many many more 10 years together! 

8. Goodbye to our Love Nest and Old Friend 

Last year, there were two Goodbyes which were saddening but necessary. 

One was to our Love Nest at Punggol and One was to our Old Friend Ace Altis.

We rented our Punggol’s flat out for close to a year already and are currently looking for the next tenant. The rental market was bad but it is still better than leaving the house empty. So far the rental income was okay and helped paid off our old debts. 

I cannot bear to say my last goodbye to Ace Altis because I felt very sad that it is time to scrape our old friend. I think when it is time to scrape Alpha Vezel, I might even cry. We had spent alot of time together since we lost Ace Altis. Time flies and Alpha Vezel is already going two.

I hope time will stop somehow because I never seem to have enough time to do what I want and I am always guilty towards my children. But I know change is the only constant. So time will fly, if I don’t treasure the moment, today will become yesterday in a flash. 

Keeping this in mind, I will like to look forward to “different” blessings this year in Year 2017.

1. Learn to Take Things as They Come

I used to be someone who need to plan everything in advance. I get upset when my planned schedule was interrupted or I get anxious when I am unable to be in control of any schedule or situation. And I need to plan all my trips with detailed itinerary because I hate the feeling of getting lost or not knowing what to expect from my trips.

But lately I realized sometimes we really have no control over our lives. We really only can control how we want to react to life. 

I am still learning. How not to beat myself when my plan fails. How to solve one problem at a time. How to enjoy the moment even as I am solving problems. How to live with a “Come What May” positive attitude. My TCM therapy taught me that constantly staying positive and self-enticing good vibes will invite more good things to happen in my life. Vice Versa.

I hope by learning what I want to learn, I can teach my children more.

2. Many More Small Successes and Self-Improvement at Work

Time flies and before I know it, it will soon be the 2nd year Anniversary in my workplace.

Last year, I had my many first times at work. This year I had started to experience more first times and repeated challenges. I am constantly telling myself to keep an open mind, do my best and don’t worry or be affected by the outcome. We just make sure if we fail, we learn something from our failure and not let the failure recur for the same reason.

This year, apart from hoping to achieve many more small successes at work, I am also looking forward to the opportunity given for me to upgrade and improve myself by “going back to school”. I will share more when my course application is confirmed.

3. More New Adventures with Laogong and the Family

Last year we managed to conquer two new travel destinations. This year we already booked another of our new adventure! 

It will be my 2nd time staying in an airbnb, apart from the minsu alike airbnb I stayed with Qiuling in 内湾 in Taiwan. And you cannot believe this but yes it is my first trip to an Angmoh country! 

Irony it may sound but I always feel inferior to English Speaking foreigners. Hence, I always prefer to go to the Asian countries, where English is their second language. And I especially love places where Mandarin is their first language. 

However, I guess we need to walk out of our comfort zones to really increase our self-esteem and learn something new. We cannot avoid our fears forever.

Other than overseas trips, we hope to explore many more happening new events in Sg too, like the recent ArtBox Singapore @ Marina Bayfront.

Apart from our couple trips and paktors night/day, we will also be going for our first family trip for year 2017. Due to the long weekends, most of the affordable JB hotels were already full booked by the time we planned this family staycation in JB. Hence, we decided to book an airbnb instead. It isgoing  to be a terrace house in the Leisure Farm Development. The pictures look great, hope the stay will be great too! Will share more after this weekends! 

4. Good Health, Slim and Fit

This illness I conquered weeks back, was no laughing matter. I cannot help but “finally” admitting that “I am getting old”.  I also realized looking good and young does not equate to staying healthy.

Hence, I decided to relook into my “maintenance programme”. Now I am eating light for my daily breakfasts and dinners, if I am not having morning meetings/ trainings or not going out at nights. Beside a “diet plan”, I also committed to twice a week of gym because it is important that we build our bone mass and strength to ensure we do not shatter when we fall down. 

And of coz not forgetting the need to upkeep my looks and take care of my skins so that I look relatively younger. 

5. Happy and Positive Children

Unlike most parents who are forcing their children to jump into the rat race, I am more into character building and enhancing the resilience of my children.

 Hence, despite Jamie being slower than her peers, I do not forget to praise her, reward her and acknowledge her for her every bit of effort. 

Only then she will have a higher self worth and a higher self esteem, which will then lower the potential of her seeking acknowledgement from friends and strangers instead of her family. 

Only then, she will be able to walk her life journey with higher self confidence and be a happier child and person eventually. 

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how long it takes for us to reach the destination. What matters is what we learn along this life journey. Jiayou my children! I believe you can! 

Thank you Laogong for the forever sweet thoughts and pleasant surprise today! Thank you for tolerating my flaws and embracing my everything 🙂 I Love You! May this year be a great year for us and our family members! 

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