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[Movie] “Logan” – The Beginnings of Gen 2 X-Men…


Felt really sad and emotionally disturbed after watching the movie. However sad, I do not believe the movie has “no meaning” or “not worth looking forward to”. 

There is more than meets the eyes in this movie and you need to be familiar with Wolverine and Logan before you can truly appreciate the “message” within the storyline.

My quick summary for the movie is <Logan> tells of what happens in the future of Gen 1 X-Men. But it also marks the beginnings of the Gen 2 X-Men, who were “bred” from the very DNA of their decendents. 

Ironically, Wolverine who was among the first Gen 1 X-Men, together with Professor Xaiver, Magneto, Mistic and Beast, had lived past everyone and is among the last of his Gen. He was always there to save the day, no matter how tired he is and how much he wished to die like the rest. 

Professor Xavier told Logan to treasure “kinship” when he still have the time, unlike his other comrades. But Logan felt that he would only bring pain to people he cares for. He denied the fact that though he was always eager to leave X-Men back then, he too always wanted to be part of the family and be relied on. Maybe the more you want to be part of a family, the more you are worried about the possibility of disappointing or failing your family members.

It hurts to see Clone X-24 (an image of Wolverine) killed Professor Xavier. It was also an irony that Professor Xavier finally died in the hands of an image of someone he trusted so much, just as he finally remembered what he could have done to his other X-students. It was like a “relief” that he had finally paid for the sins, he could not remember. 

It brought a smile in me when I saw how Logan communicated with Laura. Laura brought back memories of how untamed and self-centred Logan was in his younger days. I noticed the silent “communication” between the father and child as they looked at each other to “signal” the next action. It was like that of animals with basic instincts.

It hurts to see in the movie that those who are “different” from the rest were viewed as “dangerous” and could only be used as military weapons. However, “dangerous” and “powerful” they seem to be, they are still humans and capable of loving others and be loved. 

It was a relief to see Logan finally able to understand the feeling of kinship at his last breathe. It was his fatherly instinct which gives him the reason to fight to his death. 

Once an X-Men, forever an X-Men. Logan was the last standing Gen 1 X-Men and his death marks the beginning of the Gen 2 X-Men with his descendent to continue his legacy. 

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