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[Food] The New McDonald Seoul Spicy Burgers and Kimchi Shaker Fries


I was always so eager to try special edition burgers. Hence, when I heard about the new Seoul Spicy Burger, I told Laogong I want to have it for Supper! 
He bought the Seoul Spicy Beef for himself and got the Seoul Spicy Chicken for me. We also ordered the Kimchi Shaker Fries.

The Seoul Spicy Chicken Burger was very disappointing. It was not spicy nor sweet. It tasted weird to me. If really need to put a taste to the sauce, I will say it tastes like Sweet BBQ sauce.  However, I have to say the chicken was tender and the serving was huge.

The Seoul Spicy Burger literally tasted like the Samurai Beef Burger. The beef was thin and tender. There was too little black pepper sauce and I did not see any other ingredient in the burger.

Put the advertisement photo and the photo below side by side and you will understand how disappointed I was. 

I am never a big fan of fast food beef burgers because most of them use thin patties and they are too tender. I want to eat beef burgers that are served in thick slices and have the chunky and juiciness in it when I take a bite. Should you have any good recommendation, do let me know where I can find such beef burger(s).

Anyway, I will still recommend you to go and try the burgers and kimchi shaker fries at least once since they are the special edition 🙂 Worth a try! 

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