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[Fun] Catch the last weekends at iLight @ Marina Bay (3-26 March 2017)


Had wanted to write about the iLight @ Marina Bay since Laogong and I went during its first weekends in Singapore (and so many other topics), but I hadn’t had the energy to blog since the start of the year. I will share more with you in a separate blog post on why I had been so “tired” since the beginning of the year.

Today, I will like to encourage those who have yet to visit iLight@Marina Bay, to pop by to have a look. There are ample programme to keep you and your family members engaged.

This is gonna be the last weekends for iLight @ Marina Bay, so try not to miss it.

Lets take a look at the event map and I will share with you the 5 segments that are not to be missed!

1. Beautiful Lights Structures at City Gallery segment to keep you snapping

If you love taking photos, the City Gallery is the place you have to take a look! Since Laogong and I parked at MBFC Tower 3, the City Gallery is the first segment that caught our eyes.

We especially love these photos below because of the beautiful lights.

And not forgetting the lovely City Night Landscapes that worth a few shots too!

2. Silent Disco @ iLight Marina Bay

If you are a clubber or used to be a clubber, you should definitely give this a try! It is located at the City Gallery and caught our eyes from the beginning. However, there were no one in there so we were paiseh to go in. Just as we were about to leave the event, we saw many people inside.

We knew we got to check it out before we regret (haha!). We were so lucky too to buy the last pair of walk-in tickets for $25 each, which includes a drink per ticket! (Yah, apparently you have to register online to guarantee an entrance. However, there are a certain quota of walk-in tickets they will sell at the door)

If you are one of those who is always torn between which FM to tune in to or which theme-night to club in, this is the place for you! You can even host your own party at your home since there is absolute no noise pollution to your neighbours.

The music and songs were played through the headphones and hence from the outside you cannot hear any sound/noise. But you definitely will hear crowds humming the different songs depending which of the 3 DJs they tuned in to.

If you do not like what 1 DJ is playing, you can just switch to the next DJ. Plus with the little “competition” among the DJs, the customers are definitely the ones who benefit!

See how much fun we and everyone else are having!

3. Uncle Ringo Funfair

Frankly, I am not very impressed by the run-down condition of Uncle Ringo Funfair rides and non-flattering game prizes. I am definitely not the only person who commented “Who will want a clown as the game prize”?

I even thought the funfair is more suitable for the Halloween Night Event, in comparison to the Xmas UK Funfair I saw at Hong Kong Central. It looked sad and outdated. In fact it looked so sad (and creepy) I did not want to take any photos and game stalls.

The only two photos I took are these because Bumper Car reminds me of my childhood (where I often get blue blacks that lasted for days) and the trampoline looks fancy and fun.

Seriously? Was it meant to mock Uncle Ringo that his time has passed? Or the event organiser is really on low budget? There aren’t even enough lights at the funfair!

However, if you wish to relive your childhood days or to let your children experienced your childhood days, Uncle Ringo is definitely the right “Time Machine”.

4. Gastrobeats

If you want to try out fanciful locally designed food and locally crafted beer, you definitely need to check this segment out. We came during dinner time on a Friday night and the crowd was still okay. The wait per stall was about 10-15 min. However, I forsee a crowd on weekends.

But the food and beer we tried were really worth the wait! We could see that many of the stall holders are young locals who were looking out for the right avenues to showcase their talents.

I especially like this delicious looking hotdog. To you it is just a hot dog. But I was there to witness the way the food server prepared the food. This young guy in his early 20s was so focus as he placed each topping on the hotdog. He then served the food with a proud grin and politeness. Isn’t this what we hope to see in our children when they are his age? Self-esteem and character is priceless and these are what will bring our childrena a long way in life.

If you are a beer lover, you definitely need to check the various stalls that sell locally crafted beer. Though not all the new flavors taste fantastic but the entrepreneurship was admirable!

We tried this red dot beer which was a bit too bitter for me. Maybe my idea of summer beer has to taste like a cider.

But I love my $2 beer that comes with crispy chicken skin! They were a perfect pair together! Chomp Chomp Chomp!

5.  Pasar Malam
There aren’t many stalls out there but you may be able to find some cheap or rare buys. They are located at the Gastrobeats segment, so no harm to eat and shop at the same time 😉

6. ArtZoo @ the Floating Platform

It was a couple date out hence we did not bring the children along and we missed the ArtZoo. I won’t be able to comment much since I was not there to see it for myself. Why not you take a look at the video instead to judge for yourself. Looks really fun to me though and both adults and children can play at the same time. However, I heard from a friend that because there is no max or min age/weight for visitors, hence it is actually very dangerous to leave your young children alone in the bouncing zoo structures. You never know if a “giant” will trip and fall onto your children and crash their bones. So do ensure one parent is around at all times to supervise the children, to prevent tragedies from happening.

To drive or not to drive?

If you intend to drive to iLight, I suggested you parked at MBFC Tower 3 if you more keen to check out Silent Disco, City Gallery, Uncle Ringo and Gastrobeats. However, if you are heading to ArtZoo @ Floating Platform with your kids then you should park at Marina Square.

Looking forward to more of such events/festives

I think the hectic and busy city life has really made our weekends seem boring. We need more of these events/festives in Singapore every year!

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