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[Movie] Lalaland – Spotlight Vs Love

I was not expecting a sad ending when I chose to watch <Lalaland> during our weekly pak tor night.

The alternative ending did not cheer me up either. I could not understand why things had happened that way. Why couldn’t Sebastian followed Mia to Paris for her movie shooting. Why didn’t Mia kept her promise to always love Sebastian?

It was obviously a one-sided love. Despite his busy schedule during his world tour, Sebastian always tried to make time to see Mia. 

It was Mia who refused to go on the world tour with him. 

It was Mia who accused Sebastian of giving up on his dreams and agreed to playing music he did not enjoy playing, though he needed to save up before he can open his own Jazz Club. 

Opening a Jazz Club is not as easy as snapping your fingers. Mia was just jealous of all the spotlight Sebastian got from his world tour, while she failed in her solo performance. 

Even if Sebastian did give up on his dreams to do what he doesnt like, it was because he wanted to be able to provide the financial security and stability for Mia. 

Instead of appreciating Sebastian for his sacrifice, Mia was jealous of him.
It was Mia who forgot about her promise to him, once she got the spotlight she yearned for. She had promised to love him always but she did not even look for him when it was not difficult to find him. Sebastian even chose to name his Jazz Club, according to Mia’s preference. 

Maybe Mia did love Sebastian to make herself feel less lousy about her situation. 

If you really love someone, you should be happy for his or her success, even if you are no longer in his or her life. Sebastian did love Mia. You can see that he is happy for her, while Mia is guilty over what she did to him. 

I was holding on to Laogong, feeling sad as I left the theatre and Laogong assured me, “At least we achieved the good alternative ending right?” 

Yes, we did achieve the good alternative ending. We once had our dreams too. 

Laogong had always wanted to be a fighter pilot and I once had the opportunity to succeed a company. But we are both glad that we sacrifced our dreams for our lifelong love. We can always find alternative bread, but it is not easy to find once-in-a-lifetime-love. 

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