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[KDrama] 7 Facts about “Goblin” currently the Hottest KDrama

Reason for watching <Goblin> was really simple. Curiosity. I was curious what does <Goblin> means in South Korea. 

First, I googled to find out the origin of Goblin in South Korea context, in comparison with Chinese and Western context. Then I watched Ep1 of <Goblin> via Youtube. I may not be totally right since I had not watched the rest of this KDrama, but I think I am not too wrong either. 

Let me share with you the xx Facts about <Goblin> I learnt from Ep1 and the drama storyline…

Fact 1: Goblin in South Korea context

Goblin in South Korea context is more similar to the Chinese context of 妖精 than the Western context.

Similar to the Chinese 妖精 (eg 琵琶精). Goblin (Dokkaebi) is not a spirit/ghost (鬼) or due to a death of human life. 

Instead it is formed from a transformation from an inanimate object. In this KDrama, Goblin was the result of the transformation from the general’s sword, which killed its own master. The sword which also contains blood of many descendents of the divine (aka human who are created by God), has given the male lead, Gong Yoo magical powers and immortality. 

What is interesting is the KDrama refer this Goblin as a protector of human souls aka something. The Korean Goblin is feared by ghosts, not under the juridication of Grim Reaper and respected by Humans. To read more about the definition of Korean Goblins, you can refer to the links below:

Fact 2: <Goblin> is produced by the same team which produced DOTS, The Heirs and Dream High

I guess since the previous 3 KDramas had captured viewers’ hearts deeply, this team of directors and producers believe they can once again conquer the TV channels this season. 

I had watched all the previous 3 KDramas and they all have common tragic-turned-miracle-ending. So I will expect the same from this KDrama. Don’t believe? I wish I can be wrong too! 

Fact 3: The team has a habit of pairing a seasoned actor/actress with a less experienced one or even a new face. 

Dream High made Kim Soo-Hyun famous. 

The Heirs made Kim Woo-bin famous. 

DOTS made Song Joong-ki famous. 

So this time, likely the team wants to make someone “new” famous too. Or maybe this will be Gong Yoo comeback drama since he acted in <Coffee Prince> in Year 2007.

Fact 4: The plot is similar to <My Love from the Stars>.

Both male leads have magic powers and immortality. Both male leads were anti-social and cannot wait to return to where they belong/cannot wait to die, before they met the girl/lady, whom they uncontrollably grown fond of, despite their flaws. 

They were both able to hear the girl/lady’s summon and always there to rescue their female leads. Both male leads were super cool too in public but in front of their loved ones, they become clumsy and “gancheong” or even “helpless”. 

I do hope the ending is tragic-turned-miracle like <My Love from the Stars>. I just love happy endings so much! 

Fact 5: In the last 3 dramas, we see younger male leads being matched with older female leads. However, this drama match the more mature men, Gong Yoo, with a teenager. This reminds me of the <18 years old bride> Kdrama many years ago. This is a new and fresh combi to “try out”.

Fact 6: The “Bromance” in the drama is similar to the ones in Dream High, the Heirs and DOTS.

I am just so in love with the Bromance in the 4 KDramas! Bromance is just so different from the friendship between females.

The two male-brothers may be former/current love rivals, comrades at war and even similar dream seekers! But all of them are subtlely or openly willing to “die” for each other in time of need. Friendship between two males is so much less complicated than friendship between two females.

Dream High Bromance

the Heirs Bromance

DOTS Bromance

Goblin Bromance

Fact 7: You not only get 1 mythical Goblin in the drama but many other mythical characters, such as Grim Reaper, Ghost, Goddess etc. Interesting.

Thats’ all for now! Hope I can have more discoveries as I watched all more episodes! Enjoy your Kpopping! 


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