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[Travel] Counting down to PrincessJ and OppaJ First Flight and Xmas Trip to Hong Kong 

Just 2 days more to PrincessJ & OppaJ first time on the plane! This will also be their first time going to a country that may be colder than 18 degrees.

The two of them are definitely counting down excitedly, while anxious SuperMama and SuperBaba has to constantly check on the weather forecasts and planning the itinerary. We both wish to make this a happy trip for both the young ones and the grown-ups.

This is not Laogong and my first trip to Hong Kong, nor our first time to HK Disneyland. In fact, it was through our personal experience under the Hot 38 dC June sun in Year 2014, which led to us to confirmed that December is a better time for the kids to visit HK Disneyland.

Planning an itinerary in year 2014 for a couple trip in Hong Kong had been spontaneous and simple. I was only given less than a week to do my homework and as always I never disappoint myself 😛

However, travelling with kids and elderly is never the same as travelling for two able adults. There are many factors to consider, such as:

1. Sufficient and Appropriate winter wear

These few days I had been going around to ask if I can borrow some winter wear especially for the kids. Some friends had commented I am too kiasu as 15-18dC is still a bearable cool temperature. 

However, we need to understand that every kid is different. Their kids are tolerant to the cold because they are well-travelled to many countries during winter season, while this is the first time my children travel to a country which temperature is less than the usual air-conditioned room temperature. We are not sure how well they can cope when they are there. Most importantly, I do not want them to catch a cold and spoilt their long awaiting Disneyland fun. 

But of coz we do not want to overpack winter wear too, and long john may not be necessary for HK’s weather. Too many thick clothes also take up luggage space, which can be put aside for souvenirs and shopping loots. Haha!

What is really disturbing when comes to deciding which clothing to bring, is the uncertainty of how low the temperature will drop or rise. Lately even the weather in Singapore has gone mad. One minute we have the sun and the other minute it poured heavily. Even when we were in Bali, the weather was unpredictable too. Beside I am wary of the possible change in direction for the cold current which caused the drop in temperature in countries nearby HK (eg, Japan, Korea and China). If the cold current hit HK, temperature may fall below 10dC. 

We are really blessed to have a HK friend (whom we made during our Koh Samui trip in June 2016) who gave us a more realistic temperature forecast from a local website. The temperature forcast we googled was 22-27dC while the temperature forcast from the local website shows an average of 24dC in the day and 19-20dC at night, which is slightly lower than the googled website. We also heard from my HK friend that temperature at night is usually 13-15dC due to the cold wind.

We are likely to bring a wind-proof down jacket and a fleece jacket for the varying temperatures and wind. Inner wear will be long sleeves cotton or wool for the kids to keep them warm. We are blessed that my cousin’s children are about the age and sizes as mine, so I could borrow most inner wear from her. As for the grown-ups, I will bring a wind-proof jacket and a fleece jacket too. Inner wear still can be flexible. 

We will be also checking out the Uniqlo for any good deals today 🙂 I think it is worthy for adults to invest in good down jacket or fleece jacket because our sizes should more or less be the same for next few years. But for the children, I think I will continue to borrow as they grow up too fast. 

Latest news from a friend who just arrived in HK. Air is aircon temperature but wind is a bit chilly. But not to worry, Kiasu SuperMama is all prepared! Haha!

2. Family-friendly food outlets

Unlikely travelling alone as couples, we can just grab food as we go and make do with those night market food stalls, foodcarts in HK Disneyland and even the 7-11 next to our hotel, these food choices may not be suitable for the elderly and kids. 

Hence, we will likely have to google what are the available HK Cafes or eateries near our hotels and the places we will be visiting. 

We also bought the Disneyland “Play and Dine” package which include the 1 day park entrance and $20 dining voucher per pax, in any of the restaurant located in Disneyland. This will make things easier for us when we do budgeting too. Because many a time, food actually take up a bit of the unexpected or variable expenses. 

As our kids are not as adventurous when comes to food (because they are too used to homecooked food), I will be packing some snacks (such as london choco-roll or oreos) and small packets of milo in my luggage. Not forgetting the milk powder enough for 5 breakfasts and 5 suppers for both children. This will ensure they have alternative food for breakfasts and suppers, if they do not like the food adults are eating. 

I know it is kinda of silly to do this since we had already paid for the in-flight meals but we are likely to feed the kids lunch before they board the plane. This is their first time on the plane so not sure if they will behave and eat as normally. The last we wanted to see is hungry, sicky and cranky children. 

Last but not least, knowing the locations of fast food outlets like Mcdonalds will actually be very helpful! Haha! 

Latest update! SuperMama got all the snacks and milo ready 🙂

3. Family-friendly places of interests

The last time Laogong and I went to HK, we had this very packed itinerary which we completed in 5D4N. This round, we also have 5D4N but the itinerary has to be more family-friendly. 

a. We will not be visiting Macau because children are unable to step into the casinos.

b. Not too many theme parks because my MIL may find it too boring as there are many rides she may not dare to try.

c. Slower pace and less packed itinerary as the kids and MIL are unable to walk as much and as fast. HK Disneyland is the MUST visit place, as I promised PrincessJ to reward her for doing her best in school. Other places we can always revisit if we miss them this round. 

d. We also hope to catch up with our new HK friend during the trip if possible! 

Our tentative 5D4N itinerary will be as follows and we will adjust according to the weather (if need to):

21 Dec: Arrive at HK at 6pm. Checked in by 8pm. Ladies Market and Late Dinner.

22 Dec: HK Disneyland

23 Dec: Lantau and Victoria Peak

24 Dec: Xmas Carnivals

Maybe if time permits, Laogong and I can sneak out for my couple time at night. 😛

4. Emergency Medicine for Adults and Children

I always have a weak stomach so charcoal is a MUST have in my portable first aid kit. Not forgetting the essentials like panadol, medical oil and actal for Laogong. And of coz the handyplast! 

Usually when we travel with kids to Msia, we will bring along paracetamol and flu medicine, just in case. This time too is a MUST since the weather will be colder than Genting weather.

5. In-Flight and In-Hotel Entertainment

Some said it was a good idea to let the kids enjoy their first flight but some told me this will allow them to request for more of such luxurious full board flights in future. Nevertheless, another reason why we chose SQ was the great promo! Where to find air tickets at $380 per pax during Xmas season? I will definitely look out for more of such great promo in the near future! 

Apart from the SQ in-flight entertainment, I had also prepared some activity books for the kids to be kept occupied on the plane and in the hotel room. Maybe it will add weight to our luggage, it is always better to be over-prepared for our first time! Their first time on the plane and Xmas trip. Our first time having the kids on the plane and to HK with us. 

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