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[Travel] Counting down to our 10th Year Anniversary Couple Trip to Bali, Indonesia

When I told my friends I am going to Bali this weekends, they generally have 5 reactions:

1. So last min?

2. Why Bali? You should go somewhere else with less expenses! eg Krabi or Phuket

3. Another beach escape this year? I thought you just went to Koh Samui in June?

4 Which Villa are you staying?

5. 3 Days 2 Nights enough meh?

Yes, the trip was rather last minute. So was 5D4N Koh Samui in June, 4D3N Hong Kong in 2014 and 4D3N Taiwan in 2013. Over the past few years, we started to be more travel adventurous again.

No, we still do not travel like before we got married, where we simply hopped onto any bus that could bring us to JB Larkin Bus Interchange and we changed to a local bus that charged only RM12 to drive us to KL! Then we would stay in a motel on the outskirts of Bukit Bintang for RM50 a night and ate street food.

I guess as we have more to lose, eg our children, we become less daredevil as we used to be before we were parents. However, it was a good change that we no longer rely on tour packages or need to plan few months in advance for any overseas trip. We now simply look at our monthly budget & work calendar and decide on the travel dates just one week before!

Of coz last minute flight means you cannot get the SQ promo or Jetstar Friday Frenzy or Scoot Tuesday Sales. However, there is always Expedia! Since 2013 our very first last minute 4D3N Taiwan Trip, we had pledged our loyalty to Expedia, which had time and again helped us to find value for money packages (inclusive of Hotel and Air Ticket) on short notice which can match our budget and travel dates. We even get to travel full board to Taiwan (Trans Airline) and Hong Kong (Malaysian Airline) while we paid a budgeted budget! Haha!

Where can you find a deal as cheap as this? $613++ for two pax air tickets and 2 night hotel stay in OneLegianHotel which is one in the middle of Kuta Beach, Legian area. It sounds too good to be true and the rooms look decent. Only thing is the Hotel’s Sky Pool will be flooded with Beach Parties Lover on Sundays! Sounds pretty cool eh?

I was also pretty lucky that quite a number of my friends had returned from their Bali trips. Most claimed that 3D2N was insufficient to tour Bali. Yah, we know but my work schedule is so tight that I only have this 3D2N to spare and we were really deprived of couple overseas travelling these two years. It had always been travelling with family and friends to enjoy the economies of scale.

But this weekends is really special to us as it marks our 10 years ROM Anniversary! We are husband and wife for 10 years already! It is never easy to maintain a marriage and we hope we have  many more 10 years together!

However busy any couple can be, I always believe they need to escape and go away for at least 2-3 nights (staycations not included) to spend couple time learning new things about each other, cuddling together and falling in love all over again with each other. Life is not just about work or/and your kids. Life is about the two of you too! Mothers are also Wives!

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