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Not Willing to Give Up on my Blogging Passion

Feeling pretty sian lately.

Well… just as I was happy that I revamped my blog, I also realized that Google or Apple had removed the Blogger Apps from the AppStore. My existing Blogger Apps which I downloaded years ago is still in my iPhone but it had gone “crazy” lately aka Logout on its own as I typed half way.
Time and Again I met with many challenges which hindrance my blogging passion. Previously, I was hesitant about what I can share and what I cannot share on my blog due to my day job as a civil servant. We were warned not to express too much personal opinions during and after office hours, as general public may mistook our views = Ah Gong’s views. But if we refused to share our views, general public may also mistook us as brainless robots who are programmed to do our jobs the way Ah Gong wants us to do.

Well, seriously it is not easy being a civil servant. There is no such thing as iron rice bowl anymore in civil service. Every one of us are as dispensable as anyone of you out there. We are all just doing our jobs and we hope to do it well. This reminds me of the recent movie I watched “Sulley”. The irony in the movie was that, by not following the SOPs, Sulley actually saved the whole plane of people. But there he was, being questioned about why he did not follow the SOPs. However, I would love to believe that those people who questioned his judgements, were really just doing their jobs too.

Talking about how not following the SOPs, Sulley saved so many lives versa following SOPs had killed people in the movie “Deep Sea Horion”. After seeing flames and people being killed, the workers still die die need to wait for the key personnel to press the disengagged button. Yes, maybe the other workers are not the expert to decide what should be done. Or maybe their positions are not high enough to make major decisions. But what if the key personnel did not make it to the control room alive? Everyone should just die together with him?

SOPs are there for saving lives and improve productivity and efficiency. They are not there to make you handicapped or kill people.

Apart from not being able to express myself freely, I used to have a very heavy workload. I still have a heavy workload now,though I joined the private sector. But I am really so much happier. I want to be able to express myself even if my suggestions are not taken into consideration. I want to be able to share what I think will benefit my organisation and not to be accused of trying to add on to everyone’s workload.
I did try hard to juggle with my day work and my blogging hobby. As I finally revamped my blog, I heard the bad news that Blogger is no longer in the Appstore. Here I am blogging via Safari Browser. It is more leh chek to blog this way but I really do not wish to just admit defeat. I still want to work hard on my blog and I still got so much to share 🙂
I have a few other options eg change to WordPress or continue to blog using Browser to login to Blogger. As of now I will use the latter method and I hope to stay positive and work on my blog while juggling with my day job and my role as a mummy!
I will continue to be stubborn and stay positive 🙂
Jiayou to me! ^^

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