Friends & Neverland

Finally! The Blog has been revamped!

Did you notice any difference in my blog interface, colour and banners?

I was doing research and found that this interface/layout looks really simple and clean. I am not someone who is fond of physical clutter and visual clutter. So this new layout and colour theme really suits me!
I have to thanks my good friend, Hao, for taking time to help me revamp my blog 🙂 The banner was very well done. Simple and speaks it all. More than Words isn’t it?
Trying out the cloud design for my labels/categories. Looks ok to me so far but if u do find it difficult to find the posts you want to read on, do tell me k? We can always change it back to the list/bullet design.
I may still continue to touch up the sidebar and add in about me so that readers can understand more about the real me ^^
I hope the Labels are self-explanatory. In doubt, do not hesistate to clarify k! Hope to blog more regularly and I have so much I wish to share!
As I dug my old photos, I found some “treasure” too! Haha! Can’t wait to share!
So stay tune!

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