Friends & Neverland

Counting down to my first overseas worktrip

In less than 30 hours, I should be on the plane to Shenzhen to conduct staff training for my Franchisee over there.

Feeling really anxious and excited at the same time. Because this is my first overseas worktrip and I only received the instructions last weekends.
However, I am definitely more excited than anxious as this will be a good exposure for me and I had long-wished to check out our overseas Franchisee.
I managed to pack my luggage a while ago and hope I didn’t miss anything out. Would need to check my luggage another round later tonight and add in the missing items.
Heard that weather will be bad these few days as the monsoon approaches. Praying hard for everyone’s safety and good health. Do pray for us too k!
I very much wish to blog live while I am at Shenzhen but it is a pity China does not have access to Google and its affliated programme such Youtube, Facebook and Blogger! However, I will try to draft my blog when I have the time to and post it once I am back to Singapore.
By the way, anyone notices the changes to my blog interface, colour themes and blog banner? I did it with the help of a friend who is good in web design. I personally like it a lot as it looks “cleaner”
and “neater” now. In addition, the blog banner now includes all the three special someone in my life. ^^
I am still touching up on my blog design so stay tune k!
Meantime, don’t miss me when I am not around! 😛

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