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[Game] 6 Reasons Why Pokemon-Go Is So Irresistible

Lately there are many negative sentiments about Pokemon Go. Many people don’t really understand what is it in the game that makes the Pokemon Gamers go Gaga. I think that it is unfair of the non-gamers to comment negatively about the gamers and their games, without the non-gamers trying out the game first. 

Do not judge others if you have not been in their shoes. But I know it is not easy because I learnt this the hard way too. 
Frankly, I also do not understand why ladies can go gaga over kpop stars and korean dramas, instead of spending more couple time with their partners. I also do not understand the thrill of gambling, be it overnight mahjong/losing cash like water in casino/queuing for hours to buy 4D & Toto etc. I also do not understand people who queue up to buy toys or food, eg hello kitty or the famous prawn noodles. However, I try to respect those who are fond of hobbies/interests/activities I am not fond of. So I feel that people should respect one another for each of our differences.
Do not use your “rulers” to measure others. One’s cup of tea, can be another’s poison.
Even as gamers, there are gamers who play the same games for different reasons. So a gamer who likes Game A, may not like Game B.
This means, not every gamer will enjoy playing the same games. So what makes Pokemon Go so irresistible to so many different gamers?
Reason 1: Pokemon-Go is created to geniusly cater to 3 distinctive types of Gamers.
Actually I am pretty impressed with the Pokemon-Go Creator, who seemed to have a team of psychologists who had studied human behaviors over the years before coming out with the game.
Somehow Pokemon-Go is created to cater to 3 distinctive types of Gamers. The Game Creator categorizes them under 3 Pokemon Teams (Valor, Mystic and Instinct).
Team Valor (Red)

Pokemon Gamers from Team Valor are generally competitive gamers. They value their sense of achievements in evolving, power-uping and hatching Pokemons with high CP, IV and Fighting Skills.

You see them leveling up in a fast speed within days and start to take over Gym even at lower levels. They usually have a strategy to help them level up as fast as they could and they do not mind spending real dollars to level up faster.
They get the thrill from beating everyone else in the Gym or in their levelling speed or owning Pokemons with high CP, regardless of their species. They aim to be the top 10% of the best Pokemon Gamers.
You can distinct them from the rest at the PokeStops because they usually are alone or in pairs. They will look for locations with minimium 2-3 PokeStops  to “camp” at, so that they can leverage as much as they can. But these gamers are not stingy because they believe that by activating their Lures, it will invite more gamers, who will then take turns to activate their own Lures when the initial Lures are used up. 
Type Valor Gamers are focused and they set their KPIs each time they “camp” themselves so that they do not sacrifice their sleep (and money) for nothing. They are not easily distracted even when someone shouts “Pikachu” or when majority of the comrades move in a certain direction together. This is because Type Valor Gamers know that following the commotions, they cannot guarantee that they will find a Pokemon with high CP and IV. Staying put is a better idea as catching any species will guarantee leveling up anyway.
Hahaha.. I got too much to share about the different gaming strategies used by Type Valor Gamers!


Yes! You got it! It is because Laogong and I are a Type Valor Gamers. In fact, we are actually a hybrid between Type Valor and Type Mystic. We enjoy levelling up fast at the beginning and when we are satisifed with our levels, we plan to start to look for rare Pokemons. Because at higher levels then we can find rare Pokemons with higher CP and IV.


I will share more about our gaming strategies in my next blog post! Stay Tune!
Team Mystic (Blue)

Pokemon Gamers from Type Mystic are generally collectors. They get their thrills from collecting as many varieties of Pokemon species as they can, regardless of their CP, IV and Fighting Skills. But they get the most thrill for catching the rare Pokemons.
Due to their on-ness in getting the rare Pokemons, they may initially win over many Gyms. However, they will be defeated once the Team Valor Gamers catch up with their common/rare Pokemons with high CP.
They are competitive in their own ways too. They like to compete on the varieties of Pokemons, irregardless of their CP. They feel proud as they speedily fill up their Pokedex.
You can easily differentiate them from the Team Valor Gamers as they are likely to be moving around the hot PokeStops and likely to visit various different PokeStop Clusters. Once they have caught all the rare Pokemons from one PokeStop Cluster, they will move on to the next cluster to “conquer” the rare Pokemons there.
They also set KPI for themselves, according to the varieties of Pokemons they want to catch. They like to catch Pokemons in a group and may or may not camp overnight at PokeStops, depending on how long they take to catch their targeted Pokemons (aka meeting their KPI).
They are likely the groups who will cheer for each other when they catch rare Pokemons. They are also likely the groups who will shout “Pikachu” so to alert the other Gamers to follow them in their hunt. However, they are less willing to set up Lures and will prefer to leverage on other Gamers’ Lures.
I will share more about the rare Pokemons that can be found or had been found in different hotspots in my later blog post! Stay Tune! Meantime, you can like my Facebook page and follow my Instagram to be updated on my Pokemon “Journal”.
Team Instinct (Yellow)

This group of Gamers are the “less serious” gamers. They are likely to play the game because they like selective Pokemon species which they think is very cute. They may also play the game because they see everyone playing it and wish to join in the trend. They may also be the parents with children who want to play the game or spouses/partners with their other half playing the game or suitors with their dates playing the game.
They are usually not willing to spend a cent on the game and hence most likely to fully leverage on other Gamers’ Lures. They may move around in selective PokeStops Clusters to catch the specific species they think are very cute.
You identify them in the PokeStop Clusters by the large group size or the relationship among the “group mates”, eg couples, friends, suitors with their dates and parents with their children.
I will share more about who I think should play the game in my later posts too! Stay Tune!
2. Pokemon-Go is suitable for all ages.


Unlike some games, which are more suitable for adults or children, Pokemon-Go is suitable for all ages. Hence, it is successful in attracting so many fans. Adults will not feel embarassed to be seen playing the game and hence more willing to make it into a friends/couple/family activity.
I really enjoyed myself spending the last 6 days catching Pokemons at the various hotspots with Laogong. Our Paktor venues have increased in varieties and we are exploring various parts of Singapore to catch Pokemons and to farm PokeBalls. 
It feels like the good old days again when we don’t mind looking silly in public as we posed with our Pokemons or we stayed up late just to spend time together like during our paktor days. We too have found the child in our hearts.
Scoot N Catch
Acting Silly in the crowded Vivocity
Sleepless Nights at Hougang Ave 10
3. All you need is an existing Google Email Account to start playing Pokemon-Go.
Most apps games need the gamers to create a gamer account before they can play the games. However, to play Pokemon-Go, gamers can simply login using their existing google mail account.
Majority Singaporeans should have existing google accounts. Even if they don’t have one, it only take 5 minutes to create a google mail account. Hence, gamers are more willing to login to “try out” the games as it is too convenient to access the game.
4. Pokemon-Go launches at the right time.
I always believe that the launch date of a game, a product or a movie is very important. It was a good move to launch the game on 6 August 2016 (Saturday), just before the National Day long weekends. Since it is the weekends, most gamers can start “testing” the game right away. Since it was launched just before the long weekends, gamers had plenty of time to camp over the PokeStops right away. Once the gamers get to test the fruits of their sleepless nights, their lives will never be the same again. Haha!
In addition, Pokemon-Go was launched in Singapore only one month after the game was launched in various other countries. With all the hoohaa over the game since a month ago, it is natural for most Singaporean gamers to wish to find out for themselves what is so “potent” about the game. 
They would have read up about the game and about the various types of Pokemons. They may already know the many tips of levelling up fast, catching the rare Pokemons and how to farm the PokeBalls more efficiently. The gamers were all ready to test out their “newly acquired skills”. 
Launching the game just before National Day was a good move too because this is the month which most Singaporeans feel the most for our country. This game which encourages the gamers to move around will then attract the gamers who have the most feel towards exploring Singapore during its 51st birthday.
5. Most PokeStops Clusters are convenient and accessible.
After few days of exploring the various PokeStops Clusters, I further confirmed that due to Singapore small size, most PokeStop Clusters are convenient and accessible to gamers.
Many of the PokeStop Clusters are found within our own neighbourhood parks, of which many can be reached in the comfort of our own homes or/and beds. There is this PokeStop that is accessible from our bedroom. Being a standalone PokeStop, it is unable to lure so many Pokemons over. But we do not deny we do get to catch a few Pokemons from home every few minutes. 
The hotspots or popular PokeStops Clusters are even more accessible by public transport. It may even be brightly lit (comparing to the neighbourhood parks) and located near toilets, food and beverages. Eg. the hotspot at Hougang Ave 10, various shopping malls and various tourist attractions. Even the MRT and LRT stations are PokeStops.
Convenience makes the game more appealing to different gamers from all walks of life. 
6. Merchants welcome Pokemon-Go Gamers to patronize their malls, restaurants and stalls etc, by requesting to become PokeStops, set up Lures and throw in gimmicks.
To boost the economy growth and increase traffic in their shops, merchants are more than willing to become PokeStops. Many merchants also throw in gimmicks to attract more traffic into their premises eg ION Orchard and Sentosa etc. Many other tourist attractions such as Zoo, Bird Park, Chinese Garden, Garden by the Bay and Botanic Garden etc, are also filled with PokeStops to increase domestic tourism. 

Though residents, who are non-gamers, from Hougang Ave 10 are complaining about the endless crowd and commotions, the 24hours coffeeshop was more than happy to serve the endless traffic of consumers.
With merchants being so inclusive and supportive, it is hard for gamers to resist camping over these hotspots.

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