Friends & Neverland


Another late night due to my work committment. Just crawled into bed and feeling sleepy. But I still wish to struggle to stay awake for a little longer.

Staying awake to reflect and share my conviction. Though busy with work and my two darlings, I do not wish to stop blogging. I miss those days when I had more time to blog. But it doesn’t mean I cannot be consistent in my blogging now. But I need to pace myself and not to be overly ambitious so that I do not exhaust myself and lose faith eventually.
This is what I am convicted to do for a start, apart from revamping my blog design…
Every morning, I will do a sharing on my Facebook Page. Maybe a song or a message which I heard or read. It can also be a news or Facebook article which I read the night before. It can also be some crazy new apps game that people or myself is crazy about.
I will post my OOTD at least once a week on my Facebook Page. I will like to share my new loots with you or even lelong my preloved items so that I can buy more loots! Hehe!
I will hope to post a picture of what I eat for lunch or dinner. I will hope to save up enough to buy a convention oven so I can share my baking videos with you!
Every night before I sleep, I will write a simple blog post or share on my Facebook Page. Topics can be on the latest news or Facebook articles I spotted. It can also be a simple self reflection.
Meantime, I will continue to revamp my blog and make it more reader-friendly and more appealing to sponsors too. ^^ Please feel free to leave your comments or drop me an email on how you think I can improve on my blog!
Okay, I think my brain has stopped functioning. Haha! Night everyone!
There are so many events lining up this month and next month, so stay tune for my posts on my happenings!

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