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[Food] Cheesy McSpicy and Milo Dinosaur McFlurry

Unlike the Salted Egg Chicken Burger, I had yet to read any review about the “new” Cheesy McSpicy Burger on Facebook.
I called it “new” because McSpicy Burger has always been one of the long standing favorite burgers. And previously, we can already request to add a cheese to our usual McSpicy Burger, hence it was never something very new.
I am a McSpicy Burger Lover and I LOVE Cheese! Hence, I can shout out that this “new” burger creation is definitely my favorite so far and I am a big fan!

BUT the taste will be even better if the cheese can be thicker and bigger! Then we definitely will have the “burst in your mouth” Orhmm feeling.

I had to talk about where we went for this new recipe . Had wanted to bring the kids to the new Marine Cove area last Sunday for a nice lunch and outdoor playtime. However, a very heavy rain spoilt our plan. The crowd at the Mcdonald was surprisingly still okay and we waited less than 20 minutes to get  indoor seating. We did not have to wait very long to get our food too. The Mcdonald cleaner aunty was very friendly and encouraging. She told the kids to enjoy their lunch first and the rain would stop soon.
The rain did not stop but got heavier.
Nevertheless, I was really impressed with the customer service and friendliness of the Mcdonald servers. The indoor seating was cosy and layout was spacious. Jamie was amused by the cakes and sandwiches counter and posed for me to take pictures.
Our spirits were abit dampened but the Milo Dinosaur McFlurry made us smile!
Take a closer look at the Milo Powder Sprinkled on top of the McFlurry.

I was really surprised that the Milo Dinosaur McFlurry did not taste too sweet. Yummy! Beside the original Oero McFlurry, this is definitely my next favorite! Hehe! I will definitely go for another round of this McFlurry soon at the Mcdonald near my office. Hehehe!

Stay Tune for more Food Reviews as I am on food hunts quite often these days! I will also try to back-date my previous food hunts experiences too, which I feel is worth sharing!
Should there be any new recipes or restaurants/cafes, do let me know too so I can check them out! ^^

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