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[Food Review] McDonalds Salted Egg Chicken Burger and Salt and Pepper French Fries Challenge

Took awhile to write this review because I wanted to confirm the taste of the burger, despite the many negatives remarks on Facebook.

Being someone who only believes in what I see and hear, I wanted to try the burger from at least 2 different venues before I write the review.
First Burger Tasting
Though there was more sauce in the second burger, the taste did not differ very much. 😦
I think I was being unrealistic to hope that the burger tastes like salted egg prawns or salted egg crabs! Haha!
Second Burger Tasting
BUT the shaker fries were legendary!!! We always asked for extra servings of shaker fries whenever we go to Mcdonalds!!!
I even had shaker fries for teabreak at office once! 😛 The calories that comes with the shaker fries are totally worth it!
My Stress-Killing Teabreak 
Don’t look at my Sundae lah! Hahaha, since the shaker fries were going to fat-die-me anyway, some additional calories won’t matter lah! Besides the chocolate will kill my stress! Haha!
Oh yes, if you are a goreng pisang lover, you may like the angmoh goreng pisang aka Banana Pie! I tried the Salted Caramel Icecream Cone. Hmmm.. it tasted sweet.. Is it supposed to taste sweet? I was expecting it to taste salty :/

Yum! At least I like Banana Pie lah! ^^

I hope this food review did not come too late as I just saw this in the papers this week! Oh Gosh!

What caught my eyes was not the Chessy McSpicy but the Milo Dinosaur McFlurry! I die die must give it a try really soon!!!

As a cheese lover, I am not going to miss the Cheesy McSpicy too! So stay tune for my next food review! ^^

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