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Transition into my helper-less month…

In a few hours time, I will be at the airport sending my helper off for her one month leave. Being over reliant on my helper on household chores and matters, Laogong and myself knew that it will be a tough one mth ahead. But I believe we will be able to brave through this “tough times”.
This month is going to be a very happening month too as I finally will get to do my eyebrow embroidery next week. I had waited in the queue for close to 4-6 months. Not sure how it will turn out but there were so many good reviews over her skills. Will blog about her service next week.
April is my birthday month. Usually my close friends will chope me for my birthday celebrations, but this year i told my close friends that I am okay to do without any get-together makan. Or I can only confirm after next week after the family routine is more stable. Really appreciate my friends for remembering my hatch day ^^ If I am not free to catch up in April, please don’t feel bad because we can always catch up later on 🙂
Having such a good helper has resulted in my rusty cooking skills but I believe I will be able to “revise” and catch up on my cooking skills. So stay tune to read on my cooking “fantasy” this month ^^
Hadn’t been well since I returned from Melaka. And today I had a flu outbreak. Hope I will recover soon!
As I write I kept dozing off coz i had my flu medicine just now 😛 I guess I better sleep soon! Stay tune! ^^

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