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Bye Feasting Feb and Hello To the Busy Months Ahead…

Wah Seh, time flies.. Happy Holidays and Feast February flew by and here comes the many busy months ahead…

Sorry for not catching up on my blogging (again)! I know I said sorry so many times already..
Yes, I am now doing my quarterly review of my new year resolution. I am happy I had at least started to be more open and less scared to meet new people in my job. I had slowly grew more confidence of my job skills too. Whether I am an effective or value-adding worker or not is not for me to comment. But I have more faith in my job skills now and I feel obliged to making a difference for people who rely on me for work related assistance, guidance and support.
But sad to say due to my time constraint, I decided not to continue my dance classes. I guess it is really not possible to relive a life which we had stopped living for the past 7+ years. Sometimes we have to learn to move on… Sigh.. However, I will plan my schedule carefully so that I can exercise minimum once a week soon.
Next month will be a tough month for me as my helper is away for two yearly home visit. This time she is going back for a month, meaning I will need to be a super super mama for a month. I do believe I can do it but I will definitely be tired as I intend to wake up early to bring Jamie to her school bus by 6am, prepared James for school and cooked some food or soup for Jamie’s lunch before I set off to work. My very supportive boss had approved my change of working hours for the month of April and my very understanding colleague had agreed to adjust our audit schedule to meet my revised working hours. Also have to specially thanks my super supportive mother-in-law who swopped her working hours to morning shift so that she can take care of Jamie in the afternoon. I really feel so loved! I totally believe I can make it through April!
I had been telling myself I want to brush up on my cooking and baking skills. Here comes an opportunity to cook and bake for the family! I even found some steam cake recipes which I will like to try making for Jamie to bring to school for recess!
Seriously, I am also having itchy backside and really wish to start my travel adventure again. But I guess I will need to control this “itch” as I will not be able to travel until after July, partly due to work and partly due to my low savings. Must jiayou to save up as I will like to visit all my overseas friends in Msia, BKK and Taiwan again!
Apart from saving up for my travel adventures, I will like to tone up further to look pretty in my good friends’ wedding in November! So happy to be attending weddings again! Yay! I know I look very good already but no one will hiam me looking prettier hor 😛
Last but not least, I will want to work hard to keep up on my blog posts. Following the so many happenings coming my way in next my busy months, I will like to share how I cope these busy months and my new life experiences and memories gained. ^^
Stay Tune k! 🙂

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