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6 more hours to Jamie’s BIG SIX!

Happy Deepavali everyone!
How’s everyone celebrating your public holidays? Today’s Jamie’s play date with her 3 besties! And of coz our little Prince (aka the Thorn among the Roses today) joined in the fun too. As the Kidz Amaze @ TPY is super packed today, I don’t get to lie down on my favorite beanbag 😦 and have to sit outside on the plastic chairs. Okay lah, it is not too uncomfy and I get to enjoy my ME time while the children get to have their fun. Hehehe…
This morning, Jamie got her birthday surprise from her BFF Alessandra who stays just next block to us and they had fun with the toys and iPad, before we headed out to meet her other two besties, Isabella to have Happy Meals and Playdate.
Morning Surprise from Alessandra
Setting off to TPY Safra
Happy Meals! 开心餐吃了好开心
All Ready for Kidz Amaze!
As you all know, it had been a very busy 5 days for us – Jamie and me especially.
Time flies… My little Princess is not only turning 6 years old in less than 12hrs, but had also graduated as a preschooler.
Jamie’s K2 Graduation on 6 Nov 2015

Next year is the start of a whole new adventure for her and I hope she will grow stronger, be more resilient and survive through the challenges like I did in my schooling days 🙂 There is no easier way out but to fight your way out…

My Strong Little Big Girl in Uniform!
Was browsing her Graduation Certificate last night. Wow.. it shows how her kindergarten sees the importance of this new phase in her life…

Jamie, soar as high as you can. It does not matter how fast you soar, as long as you get to your destination. We will be proud of you for who you are 🙂

Looking forward to when the clock strikes 12midnight tonight.. Miss the little baby who I used to coax to sleep every night. I enjoyed the most of my pregnacy and motherhood when I had Jamie. She was an easy baby to conceive, apart from the food poisoning incident and the mutiple contraction scares.
I get to have a taste of my first motherhood and was very hands-on until Jamie turned 7 month and I went back to work. Of coz there were times when I was very fed-up and needed some ME time but I appreciated the time I spent with Jamie back then. Till now, I feel that Jamie and I are closer than James and I, was due to the time we spent together before I returned to the workforce.
I really miss those wonderful days I spent with Jamie. Now that I have a more work-life friendly career, I will work on striking a better balance with my career and home roles.
Birthday Girl with her Joy and Saddness @ POLW
This year, we held her “home party” at POLW once again. Initially I wanted to change to an indoor venue due to the haze and potential bad weather.
Eventually, I still decided to take the risk and hold it at POLW because it is not easy to find a venue that allows outside cake and food without signing a birthday package. Plus, Jamie is definitely more of  a water lover like her father.
We were really blessed and lucky that the weather was great at Sentosa on 7 Nov 2015 (Sat). It was raining heavily or drizzling non-stop in most parts of Singapore, just before the party started. I had to assure my guests via whatsapp that the weather was great and the party would resume.
Jamie receiving her guests
Jamie gets to “decorate” her cake using the “Inside Out” figurings together with Godma and she was so thrilled with the water play with her cousins and friends!
Decorating the Cake with Godma
Singing Birthday Song
Make a Wish
Cake Cutting
All Ready for Water Splashing Fun!

Thank you everyone for taking time off to attend Jamie’s party. Jamie had lots of fun with her friends and cousins! Thank you for all the lovely gifts too!

Lovely Gifts!
Wanted to let Jamie do cake cutting in school on her actual birthday on 11 Nov 2015 (Wed). But due to their field trip, I decided to do her cake cutting in school on 9 Nov 2015 (Mon) instead.
The theme for the school cake was “My Little Pony” so Jamie requested me to look like Pinky Pie, while Laogong decided to be Rainbow Dash!
Jamie gets to help with the school cake decoration too and she was generous enough to let her classmates have the cake toppers after cake cutting.
Self-Decorated My Little Pony Cake
Jamie and her forever fan, James!
Group Photo
Singing Birthday Song
Making a Wish and Blowing Candle

This year Jamie was especially happy because Laogong managed to make time to attend her school birthday celebration (Finally!). As this will be her last school birthday celebration (I doubt primary school has this “culture”), I am very happy it can be so “exceptional” too!

Cake Cutting
Let’s continue to count down… about 6+ more hours to go…!

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