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[Travel] Day 3 @ Taiwan (15-24Jun15) – 下一站清境,南投

We woke up at 5am and washed up for breakfast. Sleepy…
6.23am breakfast time!!
Same food as yesterday and I really don’t like the texture of the porridge so I only ate half a bowl of porridge. But the salted egg was the consolation 🙂
Lucky us hitching a ride from Da Feng hotel staff 盛德大哥 who claimed he is on day off and visiting his ex colleagues in Cingjing 🙂 He also said we only need to pay for his petrol.. haha! So nice of him! Set off lor!!!
You may wonder why we want to take the risk from a stranger. We felt that 1) he looked sincere and nice 2) Taiwaneses are generally very nice people. 3) If we didn’t hitch this ride hor, we need to pay NT250 to go down to Chia Yi TRA (1.5hr) then take free shuttle bus (30min) to Chia Yi HSR, then take HSR to Taichung HSR (NT500) and take Cingjing Minsu shuttle to Cingjing Minsu (NT500). But hitching this ride, we only need to pay NT800 for his petrol and only takes 2hr to reach Cingjing. It’s too good a deal to reject 4)  I was having my cramp attack since last night and it is really a more convenient and comfortable way to take his lift to Cingjing then having to lug my pinky around while I battled with my cramp.
We did not regret taking 盛德大哥’s lift. He was really nice and even stopped along the way to show us many sightseeing locations along the way from Alishan to Cingjing. But because of the stopovers, we took more than 2hrs to reach Cingjing. Haha! It didn’t bother us because it is a total feel and experience traveling with a local guide and driver as the locals would be able to show us the non-touristy and more authentic sites/spots. We had wanted to visit the touristy Fenqihu Old Street (奋起湖) and Monster Village (妖怪村) on our way to Cingjing if we had taken the public transport.  We had to give them a miss because we took the lift. However, in exchange we get to drop by the non-touristy spots in Alishan and the non-touristy part of Sun Moon Lake (日月潭).
We stopped by 日月潭 on the way to 埔里 for lunch! Pretty!
盛德大哥 wanted to bring us to eat the famous 埔里臭豆腐 but too bad it only opened in the afternoon 😦 So we had to look for some other food instead! Pity! But anyhow all Taiwan food is nice!
We had a super delicious lunch at a local eatery! See the pictures! 盛德大哥 ordered so much food and he ate so little. He said we two so 瘦瘦干干 should eat more! Wah! I already 圆圆 already leh!
Oh gosh so much food and it was not expensive! We felt so bad that 盛德大哥 paid the bill and refused to go Dutch. 台湾人真的很好客哦!
Checked in before 2pm (NT3999, paid NT999 deposit via paypal and remaining NT3000 by cash) and took a nap. Today is a bad day for me as my cramps are here 😦 Lucky We got instant milo with us to keep my tummy warm.
Really love this Minsu!!! The room looks and feel cosy and the view from the balcony is great!
We decided not to go out for the day and enjoyed our relax time watching the beautiful view outside the Minsu…
The very nice Minsu owner offered to drive us out for dinner at his friend’s cafe. It was so nice of him! We are so lucky to meet nice people along the way!
And guess what?! There are beautiful sunflowers just outside our Minsu! there are patches and patches of organic farms too growing mainly cabbages. it’s OMG to me!!! Suddenly I wish to give up everything and stay here for good…
It was a not too far and mainly downslope walk back to the Minsu after dinner. We even have time (before sunset) to stop over at the Old England Mansion to take some pictures before we continued our walk.
Reasonable prices for such yummy dinner!
View from Dinner Place
Old England Mansion is famous for both its hotel and high tea. Even if you didn’t stay in the hotel, you can have high tea and take photos in the hotel premises. Last February Yvonne and I were very tempted to stay one night in the hotel but changed our minds because it was way beyond our budget. Hence we make reservation to have high tea there instead at NT499 per pax. The high tea set comes with a pot of tea and a 3-tiered pastry set. Worth a try if you go Cingjing ^^
I really love the countryside feel and even the cabbages look like big beautiful flowers to me.
It’s going to be a relaxing and NUA-ing night for us as I had already bathed and lazing in bed ^^ (hahaha.. okay lah, we rested early tonight partly was coz of my cramps and partly coz he mosquitoes and insects are out already by sun-down :P)

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