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[Travel] Day 1 @ Taiwan (15-24Jun15) – 前往阿里山,嘉义 (Part 1)

I am on the Scoot plane flying towards Taoyuan Airport and blasting (literally) some of my favorite songs. As I looked out of the plane, watching and enjoying the view of the plane flying out of Singapore, I Suddenly feel the sense of peace.
No, I am not running away from Singapore. Life has been interesting and fun lately with the ongoing trips and the new friends I made recently. However, I know that I had not fully recovered. The trips and the happenings distracted me from being constantly emotional about what I had been through but I know when I am alone, the feelings come back to me like a tsunami…
I am tired of running away from this feeling. I cannot distracted myself forever. No one can “remove” or “erase” the emotions that I hid at the back of my mind. I know it is still there. I want to face it fearlessly and conquer it. I want to stop running away from the feeling. I want to feel sad one last time and move on.
I tell myself after this trip I will start to diligently look for a job. Yes, I never had the intention to have a very long tai tai life. You can call me silly but I really don’t enjoy being a stay-at-home mum. I want to have my own career and my own social life. I want to have my own identity and some achievements that I can be proud of. I want to earn my own keep and to have a say in the household. I like to spend my own money.
Life’s short. If we don’t chase our dreams, we may leave the world with regrets…
Okay, enough emo for the night.. Haha..
Taiwan! Here I come! I will have fun, fun and more fun!!! But let’s first hope I survive with my pinky! Hahaha! “She” is already 13.8kg leh!! Oh gosh! I wanted to just bring a 20inch cabin size luggage but I realized it was impossible not to bring pinky along. “She” waited patiently at the corner as “she” watched me attempting to squeeze as little things into little yellow and was relieved when I told “her” that “Pinky, you have no choice but to come with me again!” I could literally hear “scream of happiness”! Haha!
But I really love “her” a lot and I knew I can never leave the country without “her”! I had travelled to Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan and previous Bangkok trip with her! And I will travel to many more places with her! ^^
Listening to the sound track from the movie .
“Feel the light, shining like the stars tonight…
It’s better now, feel better now…”
I will be fine after this trip ^^
Looking forward to all the places we will be visiting during the trip! I will be exploring new places like Alishan and Hsin Chu too!!! Stay tune to my live blog from Taiwan! Hope it can help you plan you next Taiwan trip! ^^
Just took my flu and inflammation medicine but did not enough water to eat my antibiotic 😦 Will have to eat it when I arrive in Taoyuan and retrieve my luggage le…
Waiting for my flu med to kick in so I can sleep 😛
Meantime, Nitez Singapore!
Miss me please ^^
Lights on again on the plane and the announcement was made to get the seats upright as we were approaching Taiwan. Frankly I think I only had about 2hrs of quality sleep before I woke up at 3.50am. But I guess I am filled with excitement on what lies ahead in the trip! I will be on my own for the next few hours till I met up with my friend Qiuling at 12pm at Chia Yi TRA station. We hope to catch the 1.30pm 森林小火车 up to Alishan (阿里山).
Friends who knew about my trip had been asking me why I like Taiwan so much that I can visit it every year for the last 3 years. I love everything about the country. The people, the language, the culture and the food! Taiwanese are generally very polite and kind. I had met many kind and nice Taiwanese during my previous trips, who had helped us get around.
I had visited the places along the North and North-East coast of Taiwan, i.e. Taipei, Jiufen, Shifen, Keelung, Yilan, Hualien. I had also visited Taichung/Nantou, Cingjing. During my previous tour group visit to Taiwna in year 2011, we even get to visit Taitung and  Kaoshiung. I always wanted to visit the West part of Taiwan but was told that it would not be easy getting around in public transport. But well, I was glad to know that Qiuling is keen to embark on this journey with me to explore this part of Taiwan which both of us are unfamiliar but very keen to visit. 🙂
First sunrise in Taiwan! Hello Taiwan!!!
Let’s have a glimpse of my itinerary during this 10D9N trip in Taiwan! 6 lodging in 9 nights oh! You are surprised? Well, I need to figure out how to pack and unpack my pinky now lolz but nevermind, let’s enjoy the moment ba! Hahaha!
My itinerary
15/6: Sg->Taoyuan-> Chia Yi-> Alishan
16/6: Alishan
17/6: Alishan-> Chia Yi-> Taichung-> Monster Village-> Cingjing
18/6: Cingjing
19/6: Cinging-> Taichung-> Hsin Chu Nei Wan
20/6: Hsin Chu Nei Wan-> Hsin Chu City
21/6: Hsin Chu City -> Ruifang-> Jiufen
22/6: Jiufen-> Shifen -> Taipei-> Ximending
23/6: Taipei-> Yangmingshan-> Tamsui
24/6: Taipei-> Sg
Excited?! Me too!! I chose the Minsu (民宿) in Cingjing and Jiufen and the Youth Hostel in Taipei! Really like what I see and hope the stay turns out great too! 
Have a glimpse of my lodging for the next few days..
Cingjing Minsu
Jiufen Minsu
Taipei Youth Hostel
5.18am Landed! Stay tune to my adventure in Taiwan! ^^ 

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