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My Birthday Staycation across the Causeway @ Hotel Jen, Puteri HarbourJB

First started writing this blog post on 25 April 2015 at 10.39pm. Hello from TVG at AEON @ Bukit Indah. Why did I write first part of this blog there?
Hahaha, that was our first time experiencing such ridiculous movie-watching experience. We were actually “locked in” the cinema area in AEON @ Bukit Indah. Surprisingly, the shops reacted really fast when the announcement was made to close the shopping mall at 10pm. We only managed to buy the 11.50pm tickets and had wanted to sleep in the car first. But we saw the gate at the cinema pulled down and we had no choice but to wait in the cinema till our movie starts.
Laogong and I usually watched movies past 11pm in GV @ Vivocity, Plaza Singapura and even Bishan. But never once we had to be locked up in the cinema area after the malls’ official closing hours. Maybe this is because the law-abiding Singapore is safe even past midnight…
Laogong was queuing for drinks now in case the food counters also closed before the movie starts. The popcorns looked tasty but we were too full after overeating at the Seafood Buffet at the hotel. I waited at a seated area. Lucky we didn’t had to stand for an hr plus.
It was a very relaxing couple staycation so far. We didn’t have to worry the kids barged into the room in the early morning, though we still woke up early to watch sunrise and enjoyed the Harbour View we upgraded the room for. Laogong was really sweet to surprise me by upgrading the room to Harbour View on the spot. He said let’s enjoy the hotel to our fullest ^^ since we don’t always have luxurious staycations…
With the Harbour View, we could lie in bed enjoying the beautiful sunrise…
And when the sun was too glaring.. We closed the day curtain and washed up for our first meal of the day…

We were greeted by two adorable teddy bears at the entrance to the Harbour Cafe where our breakfast buffet was. I suddenly missed my prince and princess and imagined how excited they would be if they see these two teddies.. Likely they would love to give them a tight cuddle!

The table system was really cute. To show that the table is reserved and the guests are busy getting the food, just keep make sure the table card reads..

We walked the cafe one round to “mentally make a list” of the food we wanted to eat.. There were a wide varieties of food we wished to try.  And so we charged at the food!

I used to start my buffet with the raw food or cold cuts and ended up running toilets after each meal. However, a friend of mine told me to always start with warm cooked food before aiming for the raw and cold items. Since then I don’t run toilets after each buffet.
See my happy face with my yummy food!
First round – cooked warm food
3 types of Indian curries.. I didn’t take a lot of Indian food because lately I happened to have loads of them in Singapore…
I really love the live noodle station which made this yummy Laksa Yong Tau Fu! 
After the warm food, I went on with
4 cheese cream crackers and cold cuts 
Cereal Mix with Nuts
Like always I ended my buffet with warm porridge..

There were lots of pretty looking pastries and bread too but I only tried one chocolate pastry coz I don’t have a sweet tooth. Heehee.. That’s why you don’t see me eating pastries during my high-teas too…

After our superb breakfast, we continued our lazy morning in bed and watched “Escape Plan” on HBO channel. And yes, we have free wifi in the hotel room and meal areas too so we could upload our Facebook or play our iPhone games wherever we were.
We knew we need more than just lazing in bed during our staycation. So we decided to drag ourselves out of bed to do some “healthy activities”. Laogong is a big fan of suntanning so he put on his surf pants to head for the infinity pool on the hotel rooftop. I decided to make use of the RM100 rebate coupon for massage services, which was given to us during check-in. Hehehe…

The 90min deep tissue massage was relaxing and only costs me RM180 after the RM100 rebate! Good deal right? The discount coupon is valid till 31 May 2025. Book a room at Hotel Jen, Puteri Harbour to enjoy the cash rebated massages!

Went to Infinity Pool to looked for Laogong and saw him enjoying his one for one Hoegarden and immersed in the beautiful scenery…
It was still some time before the Seafood Dinner Buffet so we decided to take a stroll by the Harbour and browsed into the weekends pasar malam stalls.
Before that, we suddenly remember a MUST do in Msia and headed for the 7-11 alike mamak shop at the entrance of the hotel to indulge in the sinful…
MAGNUM that costs only RM4!!!
Nom Nom Nom…
Stroll by the Harbour … So beautiful right?
Our loots for the kids…
Selfie stick and remote for my upcoming “solo trips”…
You can never imagine how good spread we paid for the All-famous Seafood Byffet Dinner at the hotel’s Harbour Cafe. I won’t say the food is superb nice but for the price we paid for, I definitely don’t mind coming back here again! We only paid RM108 (about S$40+) for this…
Grilled seafood
Chilled Seafood
Unlimited freshly sliced Sashimi
Sea salted Whole Salmon
Roast Beef
Cold Plate 
Loads of Pastries 
Dual Chocolate Fondue (Milk/White Choco) 
5 different types of ice team flavors
They also have the live noodle stations, Indian food counter and crepes too!!!
I think a plate each of these was already worth more than the price I paid for…

We were full until cannot move… Hahaha and headed to AEON for our movie date!

The next morning we were still full and didn’t have too much of our breakfast but did really enjoy each a bowl of the very funny laksa…hehehe…

It was a great birthday staycation with just Laogong as it is not easy to find couple time for each other these days. I hope my next job will allow me to have my staycations still.. After all, we work so hard to build a home and future with your loved ones. What’s the point if in exchange you have no more time left for your loved ones?

Couples out there, maybe most of you do not agree with us leaving our children behind to grab time for couple getaways. But you know in your hearts that marriage cannot be sustained by merely doing your parts in parenthood /parenting. The more effective to sustain a marriage is to continue to have your regular pak tors to rekindle the courtship passion over and over again…


Thank you Laogong for the wonderful birthday staycation! ^^

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