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Birthday Surprise from My 姐妹 – Seafood lunch buffet at Todai and Tea at TWG, MBS

MBS is usually not a place I hangout after work or on weekends because I felt intimidated by the big branded shops in it. My bad experience at Ion could have constituted to this thinking too. I still remember when I was searching for my first Kate Spade, there was this very rude sales person who gave us that “eyeball” look. We were definitely not one of those who walked into the shop because of the big 70% sale signage, but she directed us straight to the discounted bags when we tried to acquire about the price range. Yah lor, we were green shoppers because we don’t usually buy branded stuff. You may have seen my Kate Spades and Braun Baffel or Laogong’s Mont Blanc pen, but that’s all we have for my daily usage. We are unlike many who have collections of bags and watches.
Anyway, we gave that sales person our “eyeballs” too and rejected her service. We were about to walk out of the shop when another sales person checked on us and asked what kind of bags was I looking for. Jackpot! That’s the right question to ask. I got my first Kate Spade bag from her and subsequently got my Kate Spade wallet there too. You see, you just need some politeness to close more sales. It’s as simple as that.
But of coz not all sales person in expensive shops are irritating like the one I met at Ion. The sales manager where I got Laogong’s Mont Blanc pen was really nice and helpful. Maybe he was experienced enough to “spot that lost look” on my face as he offered his service. He was honest in his explanation about the different types of pens and which are more suitable for younger working class. He was convinced that I would be back again when I told him I will bring “the pen user” here again to choose his present. And he recognized me as I walked in a few days later. I will strongly recommend those who are looking for a Mont Blanc to buy from this branch at Mandarin Gallery.
Back to my MBS experiences. I somehow feel that the sale people in MBS are more professional because MBS is the more touristy shopping mall. They never know if their “eyeballs” will get blinded by the social media if they eyeball the wrong people. So everyone received us, with a smile and even a bow. The waiter at TWG was especially “helpful” too checking us out on and off to ensure we enjoyed our food.
Really thank my 姐妹 Xiaxia and Wenwen for making the efforts to give me this birthday surprise! I seriously didn’t expect theme to bring me to MBS and I was really thrilled to have another Kate Spade!!! Love the sweet pink! Thank you so much! Hugs and Kisses!!!
It was not easy to find a place that serves Snow Crab for lunch buffet. Even Kushinbo only serves Snow Crabs for dinner buffet. So I had my fill with the yummy tasty Snow Crabs!!! They have the warm steam version and the boil chilled version. I tried the steam one first and felt that the constant heating up at the steam area makes the meat dry and flaky. I really love my plate of chilled Snow Crabs coz they were Juicy, Tender and they come out as a whole when I pulled/pushed them out. Love the juicy chilled prawns too!!! Slurp! Oh yes, and the Sashimi and Oysters!
There was quite a wide variety of international food in Todai. Somehow I felt that Todai is opened by Koreans because of the super good spread of different types of Korean 小菜. The whole time the restaurant played Korean songs and TV shows too. I could also see many Korean tourists having lunch there.
But I didn’t eat a lot mainly because the cooked food were not warm and I enjoyed my chitchat session with Xia and Wen more than the food! Hahaha!
I had a tug into the chocolate fondue and some of the desserts though. They had ice cream, cakes and macaroons. Hmmm.. But I think I am really not a dessert and pastry person because they all seemed too sweet for me.

Heehee but the funny thing about me is though I don’t enjoy pastries very much but I look forward to making some for my loved ones! Feed them fat fat! Hahaha…

What I enjoyed more is the tea, tart and truffle fries at TWG! You have to try these three! I was quite suaku and didn’t know TWG actually serves truffle fries until we saw the waiter serving to one table. So we ordered one to try! It smelled very nice and has macha powder on top of it!

I love my rose tea very much too as it eased the cramps I was having after my loads of chilled seafood 😛

It has been a while since we could have such a lazy afternoon of food and chats. I know that as we “progress” into our different stages in life and become attached, married and have kids, such a relaxing catch up with close friends has become a luxury. Hence, I especially treasure each time I can meet up with my girlfriends to just relax, eat and chat…
Thank you for being there for me despite your busy schedules ^^ Muacks lots!

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