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[Food] Dim Sum High Tea Buffet, Minjiang @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel is known for good ambience and quality food. I especially love the pointed roofs because it gives the rich heritage touch. Those who knew about its history, would have heard that the hotel was built in 1900 and was gazetted a national monument by the Singapore Preservation of Monuments Board in 1989, which has since merged with the Singapore National Heritage Board.

It was a last minute confirmation to have dim sum high tea and I was lucky that the well-known Minjiang @ Goodwood Park Hotel has available tables.
Every time I had dim sum, it reminds me of my after-As days when I was a “dim sum lady” in a Chinese restaurant in Taka. It was fun and there was a lot running around too with my trolley. I couldn’t remember what was the food I was in-charged of but I had to keep my eyes sharp to spot hands waving at me. After the morning shift, I was already aching all over. But the experience was memorable and I was able to interact with people from all walks of life. I always believe my experiences as a server/waitresses had affirmed my passion to work in customer-centric jobs.
I spotted Ivy as I walked past the durian-scent corridors. Hmm.. Have you heard of the Durian Fiesta 2015? Goodwood Park will be serving Dessert Buffet with Durian Pastries from 30 May to 2 August 2015 for only $35.80++ per pax! Yummy.. Who is keen to go with me? Hehehe…
Back to my dim sum buffet…
Minjiang has outdoor seating and indoor seating. If not for the mosquitoes and afternoon sun, I actually don’t mind having my dim sum by the pool because the Aircon is too cold indoor.
We took a tour when everyone had reached before we decided to remain seated indoor.

Russ and I were eager to give the birthday girls their presents and made them posed in them 😛
Two pretty mummies! Sandra and Ivy!
We cannot helped but took pretty pictures of the outdoor seating area too! I really love the rustic and laid-back feel. I must one day have my staycation in Goodwood Park Hotel!

After all the pretty pictures, it’s time to charge at the food! Unlike the typical ala carte or trolley style dim sum restaurant, Minjiang serves their dim sum buffet on traditional trays by the pool. 


We were lucky to be seated near the door exit to the pool area aka food area. Otherwise we would need to walk down the narrow indoor seating each time we wanted to refill our food. 
There were not many varieties of dim sum but they were generally very tasty. 
There were baby abalones on the Siew Mai! Yummy! 

Love the crispy roast chicken skin too! 
The super big 汤包 had thick broth! 
Slurp ~~~
My favorite comfort food 皮蛋粥 kept  my tummy warm and happy! 
Have you tried Chee Cheong Fun with scallops? 
Dessert time! Scooped lots of longhand for my Cheng Teng! 
OMG~ No wonder Goodwood Park Hotel is famous for their durian desserts and pastries! OMG! It’s really nice! Durian Pudding with real durian flesh! Pity each guest is only entitled to one Durian Pudding! 

We were “unprepared” but lucky the waitresses were really helpful when we asked for two candles.

Happy Belated Birthday to my two pretty friends! 

Cheers to our 15 years of friendship! 
Fate brought us together in year 2000 and we have put in lots of effort to grow and maintain our friendship over the 15 years. I am really happy we are still close friends after going through the thick and thin together… Love you all! ^^
Really grateful that they are always by my side during my ups and downs. Just a phone call and they appeared to have a drink with me when I needed one badly many weeks back. Really thank you so much… from the bottom of my heart…

Before we left, we continue to take more pretty photos. We really like the ambience a lot and I believe we will come back here soon! But maybe the next time we will try the other restaurants, because Minjiang will not be serving its dim sum high tea buffet from 26 April 2015 onwards. So if you will like to try its dim sum buffet, remember to catch it before it’s gone! 



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