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Happy Belly Birthday Month – Lots of Food And Travel Reviews Coming Your Way!

17 days till my big 36!
Last Thursday was the start of my feasting month!!! Met up with my Uni buddy, Russ, and we had a good dinner at Old Hong Kong @ Square 2. I always love Old Hong Kong food, especially the dim sums. But pity they don’t serve much dim sums at night so we ordered 3 dishes instead. We thought 3 dishes should be quite manageable. But the servings were so big that I was filled to my brim! Haha!
See the yummy food we ate that night!
I always love starchy vegetable sauces.
It’s has been a long time since I ate roast pork!!! Juicy but not oily! Squish~~~
This rice dish is very interesting. It comes with 3 small bowls of 3 different types of rice – glutinous rice with peanuts, red brown rice with pumpkin and fried ebi roe rice. Nice!
(I secretly love the glutinous rice the most though it’s the most sinful! Haha!)
As you can “feel”, I am definitely in a good mood lately. Other than learning to let it go, my sweet Laogong plays a large in assuring me that I deserve better. What’s more comforting than having your life-long partner stand by you in your shittiest moment in life?
My phone calendar is now filled with feast dates and short trips. As many of you know that I LOVE to eat, explore new places and catch up with friends, hence I am really looking forward to the foodie and travel weeks ahead!
Hmm.. I am not a professional foodie but I think Iove food enough to give sound reviews! So do look out for my food reviews these few weeks!!!
I am not a professional traveller but I believe my travel experiences and reviews will give you good insights on how to organize fruitful, efficient and fun free and easy trips!!! So stay tune!!!
Take a look into My Feast and Travel Calendar to know what you are in for:
11 Apr – Dim Sum High-Tea Buffet at Minjiang @ Goodwood Park Hotel
12 Apr – Crayfish and Crab Feast Buffet at Plaza Brasserie @ ParkRoyal at Beach Road
17 Apr – Unknown yet. Likely Good Food and some Booze
18 Apr – Unknown yet. My 姐妹 said it’s going to surprise me! So surprise me then! Exciting!
21 Apr – Tentative plans should be Nana Thai @ Far East Plaza! I love Thai food!
23 Apr – Tentative plans should be Dinner Buffet at Hotel Jen or some Chill out Place
24 Apr / 25 Apr – My birthday treat(s) from Laogong!!! We going to JB for StayCation and to Feast!
27 Apr – High Tea Buffet at Marriot Cafe @ CK Tangs
28 Apr – My Birthday Cake of course! Haha!
1-3 May – Roastrip and Feast at Melaka
28 May-1 Jun – My First Solo Trip (to Bangkok) Thai food feast!
And more fun and travelling during the June holidays!
Shocked? I am shocked too! This means I need to eat less and exercise more every other day! Haha!
Stay Tune for my Feast Review later!

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