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Happy Easter Day!

I think as our children grow up, they slowly start to want to be involved in various festivals and want to find out about the different traditions and meaning behind each public holiday and festival.
Jamie was really excited about Easter Day. To Christians it may be to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead but to our little Princess, Easter stands for Spring. And Spring stands for Hope. For little children, it is really important for them to always have Hope for their future.
Similarly, as an adult it is Hope that keeps me moving on, no matter how many times I fall down.
To commemorate my moving on, today we shall make Easter Eggs together!!!
Aiyah, nevermind Lah! As long as we have fun in the process and feel that is meaningful can already! ^^
This is what we need!
Eggs, warm water and food dye.
Hehehe and we used the leftover food dye from our last DIY dough making session!
Jamie was very excited and insisted she dipped the eggs herself!
We tried very hard to colour the eggs but the colours don’t seemed to be very vibrant. I tried to google for a Easter Egg recipe and realized we should have used white chicken eggs instead. Nevermind, we no need to wait until the next Easter to make Easter Eggs. We can make the colorful eggs anytime of the year ^^
Jamie having fun!
Soaking the eggs in hope the colours can become more vibrant.
Yes! Though the colors are not super vibrant but after soaking for 15-20min, we can actually see the colours on the eggs!

Happy Jamie had just finished eating 3 of the eggs ^^

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