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Jamie’s 5th Party – A Very Busy Weekends (Part 1)

The busy weekends had began since Morning!! There will be a whole series of happy events going on till the end of Sunday!
This morning, we celebrated Jamie’s birthday in school. Then we will celebrate Jamie’s great grandmother 大寿 on Saturday and Jamie’s home party is on Sunday!
Hahaha,we call it ‘home party’ because we are celebrating with her out-of-school friends and cousins. But this year, it’s the first time we stepping out of our comfort zone (ie. no indoor/sheltered birthday venues such as home, chalet and condo function room) and celebrating it at an outdoor venue at Port of the Lost Wonder (POWL)! You can read more about POWL from the previous post, where we did a reccee and trial run with the party timings/duration.
I am both excited and nervous as this is also the first time I have less ‘control’ over the party venue since we didn’t think the party package is worth it to book nor we can make reservation at the Port Belly restaurant, where we are holding her party. But I know problem solver, Laogong, will take good care of all the unforeseen circumstances and it will still be afterall a great happy birthday celebration!
This year, good Baba even volunteer to choose his present for Jamie himself! Yes, I know most of you will wonder “Isn’t Daddy suppose to do that anyway?” Well, the cynergy at my household or the type of parenting we advocate is very different from the conventional parents. Hence, to me it was a great initiative made by Laogong this year! He was so proud of the helium tank and balloons he bought from spotlight! Yes! He deserves a good pat on his shoulders! Good job baba!
Helium tank from Spotlight
And we know Jamie will definitely love the useful and pretty gifts Baba chose for Jamie! Laogong even learnt how to make balloon sculptures via YouTube! OMG!! I am not shy to agree with Laogong this time that he is really good in doing anything and everything, if he bothers to put his heart to learning/doing new and existing skills. I wish I am as capable as him! I will catch up!!!
Mermaid made by Baba
See the pretty mermaid he made! This is really the first time he learnt balloon sculpturing, somemore via YouTube!!! Good job Laogong!
Last few nights, Jamie had been busy helping with the goodie bags and writing her birthday invites. I can feel that she is a big girl this year because she has so much more initiatives when come to planning and preparing for her birthday parties. It’s no longer something Mummy wants to do for her. It’s also something she wants to do for her friends and cousins. I guess she has inherited Mummy’s and Baba’s event planning/coordinating skills.
Busy writing her birthday invites
Putting stamps on each envelope
Packing Goodie Bags

After the busy preparation, today is finally Jamie’s big day in school!

Due to my work commitment, this is my first time participating in Jamie’s new school’s event. This is also my first time seeing the children in her new class. They are really so cute and mature ^^
Setting off with James to Jamie’s school. See the handsome little boy…
Jamie is so happy to see us arrived with her birthday cake and milo!!!
Happy Birthday Girl with Handsome Didi 
See how eager Didi looks at the cake! Haha! Your turn is coming soon!
Singing Birthday Song
When it’s time to make a wish, Jamie took very long to decide what she wishes to wish for… And Heng ah, she wished for something that she will receive from Mummy and Godma on Sunday ^^
See Jamie’s cute expressions as she pondered over her wishes…
Finally she made her wish and blow the candle!
All these while, Didi remained cool and calm…
Cutting the hard-to-cut cake


Jamie insisted that she wants to cut the cake on her own because she is a big girl now. And yes, my little baby has grown into a big girl now! Well done Jamie!
Victory sign! I did it! 


And yes, finally Didi gets his piece of cake! Hahaha…


Great Host Jamie started to walk around to take ‘table photos’ with her classmates. She is really clear about the SOPs for birthday parties!



And of coz, Jamie has to take photos with her BFF, Stephanie! Two little sweet girls!


Sweet little girls! No wonder Jamie knows how to pose so well these days! Haha!
Happy that my little girl has a great day today ^^
Though it was a simple cake and a simple celebration, I guess these days there is so much peer pressure that it is almost a MUST to do cake cutting in school.
I used to book big and fanciful birthday cakes for Jamie previous birthday celebrations in her old school. But this year I am trying something simple. One reason is I realized that despite the cake big or small, simple or fanciful, the children are simply happy they get to celebrate with their friends.
I know of very competitive Mummies who tried to “spoilt market” or “set the benchmark” very high when comes to school party cake or goodie bags for classmates. This indirectly will give stress to the other Mummies.
But I also realized that these Mummies put a lot of effort into school parties mainly because it’s also the only major birthday celebrations the children have every year. However, I slowly understand classmates are only part and parcel of one’s life. It’s like how Jamie adapted into the new school and slowly forgot about her old friends. These days when I saw Jamie’s old friends, only some of them will still call me “Jamie’s Mummy”.
There are some classmates who will eventually become our life-long good friends. But most classmates will be just passer-bys in our lives. I believe only when we are mature enough to know what we want, then we will know which are the classmates you will wish to make an effort for, so that they become more than your classmates and remain as your BFFs for a long long time.
My Uni BFFs


We had been through thick and thin together. Arguments and Reconcilation too. I now believe arguments are tests to friendships. Only if we can sail through the arguments, then we can truly become life-long friends.
It’s really not an easy journey to this realization. Of coz there are colleagues who may become our close friends but as long as there is conflict of interest, we can only remain as colleagues. Sometimes the only way to become BFFs with colleagues, is to become ex colleagues! Hahaha..
My groups of ex colleagues cum BFFs


And now I am making effort to develop this group of ex colleagues into my BFFs!


Aiyoh.. Talk about Jamie’s parties, can end up talking about myself!
Haha, but what I am trying to say is.. I doubt Jamie at 5 years old, will know who she wants to be her life-long BFFs. Hence, I will wish to help her develop closer friendships with her ‘outside friends’ (friends who are my friends’ children) and her cousins.
Thus from now onwards, I will put in more effort in organising events for her ‘outside friends’ and cousins.
So let’s look forward to Saturday and Sunday, where Jamie gets to meet her cousins and ‘outside friends’!!!!!


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