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DIY Home-made Play Dough

I had googled the DIY recipe to make play dough some time ago but was too lazy to actually do it.

Having run out of playtime ideas, I decided I can make the DIY play dough with Jamie today!
I chose the recipe that doesn’t require cooking nor the cream of tartar. It’s so simple and low cost, that I think anyone can make it at home with your kids!
You should be able get the ingredients from ntuc and cold storage or any other super markets. But you may not be able to buy many different colours of food dyes from the super markets. I could only find purple, green, yellow, brown and red at cold storage today. If you wish to have more colours, you can buy the food dyes from Phoon Huat @ 107 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 which is near the Bradell Mrt Station. But since it’s my first time making, I decided not to be so ambitious.
This recipe is sufficient to make 5 coloured doughs. This round I decided to buy red, yellow, green and purple food dyes and will mix the red and yellow food dyes to make orange colour too!
She really enjoys it! She has always love baking and cooking with me, and this round she gets to actually made something on her own.
Please follow Jamie’s instructions below to make the play dough. 
1) First, mix all the flour and salt together in a big bowl. 
2) Pour 1/4 of the water, 1/4 of the oil, 1/4 of the mixed flour and a few drops of one of the food dyes into a bowl. Stir them together.
3) Pour the mixed coloured dough onto a tray with sprinkled flour. Continue to knead until the colour looks vibrant. 

4) Repeat step 1-3 to make the other 4 coloured doughs. Remember to keep them moist by storing them in ziplock bags and in a cool place! 


Tadaz!!! Very vibrant colours right!! Jamie really loves them and gets busy with them immediately!

DIY play dough is not only cheap but also hygiene and safe for young children to play with. Even if the young toddlers like Didi accidentally put it in their mouths also okay! 😛
Try it out some day with your little ones!!!

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