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[Food] New Menu at TCC

TCC must have started it’s new menu in May because I was still looking at the old menu when I had my 50% birthday lunch on 29 April.
Likes the pretty drawings on the new menu. It’s like reading a story book.
Was a little disappointed when I could not find my all-time favorite baby crayfish and wasabi roe pasta in the new menu.
Nor my chicken and mushroom baked penne…
Nor the cheesy sticks!!!

Crys.. Was lost for a moment and didn’t know what to order. I am really not good with choosing dishes and my friends knew I usually take some time to choose a dish, especially if it’s a new restaurant to me. I would usually end up ordering the same as my friends or the same usual dish I order every time I visit the same restaurant. If it is a new restaurant, I will choose the next closest dish to my regular order.

I saw the new dish – Baby cray fish and scallops baked rice, which was the next closest to my favorite old dishes…
It has cheese and baby crayfish so I decided to give it a try ^^
I made the right choice! Love the cheesy texture and the many baby crayfish and scallops under the thick layer of cheese!

Yummy!!! The serving size was just nice too! Big enough to fill my tummy and small enough to allow me to have my favorite tcc beverage – Latte Mocha.

Love the thick chocolatey taste and the not too sweet smooth texture of the latte. Wish they can give me more cookies 😛
And shared a side!!! Cannot remember the name but I think it’s generally chicken balls with mustard sauce! Yummy Yummy~~~
Cannot help but peeked at Abby’s dish…
So pretty right? It’s deep fried soft shell crab cooked in black pepper sauce. I had a sip and noticed that it’s not only not spicy like the Swenson Black Pepper Seafood Pasta, it also tasted sweet because of the teriyaki blend. A good choice for seafood lover who cannot take too much chilli but wants a tangy spicy taste.

Definitely will try the other dishes during the next tcc lunch!

Give it a try if you had not visited tcc recently!

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