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[Staycation] Everyone Needs Staycations – KSL Resort and Hotel

Staycation Period: 3-4 May 2014

I think I fell in love with “staycations” at KSL resort and hotel. Since March 2013, we had three 2D1N staycations at KSL.

You may wonder why not go somewhere further away from home? Well, I tried 2D1N staycations at Genting, Malacca and Batam before too. But I realised I actually spent more time traveling to the three holiday destinations (4hrs to Genting, 2hrs to Malacca and 1+ hr to Batam) than spending time there. End up I felt more tiring after the staycations.
Hence, if I only have 1 night to spare, JB is more than sufficient coz it’s just minutes away from the causeway. I could even go to Legoland before I headed back to Singapore on day2 during my staycation last year! I am so looking forward to bring my two children to Legoland, Hello Kitty Land or Little Big Club when they are tall enough to play majority of the rides. Otherwise the poor children will be more disappointed than excited to go there.
What attracts me most to staycations in JB? Apart from the traveling time and distance, the exchange rates is a gimmick too. Currently every 1 SGD is about RM2.5+. Hence shopping and feasting is so much more affordable over there!
A carful of excited adults and children! Our first staycation in Msia with my inlaws!
I used to eat Seoul Garden many years back when it was less costly. However these days I hardly eat Seoul Garden in Singapore now! Because it costs SGD40+ per pax in Singapore and RM30+ per pax in KSL!!! And only RM16+ for Jamie! (SGD$6+) too!
So far, I never failed to eat Seoul Garden when I go KSL for staycations 😛 Maybe it’s not the best restaurant but definitely the most worth it!
Seoul Garden Again!!!
Designed her own ice cream sundae!
James playing Meat(basketball)!
I had always wanted to try the colour contact lens that enlarge the eyeball. However it’s quite costly to buy it in Singapore and likely I cannot find any lens that I can ‘see’ in. I saw this natural brown one for only RM40/pair (SGD16)! Cannot help it but buy to try it out!
Hmmmm… My eyes look a bit too BIg and Anime with the lens… Hahaha… Bit at least I could see pretty well in it! Think will try it with fake lashes next time! 😛
We were lucky to get a pool view room though the children didn’t get to swim because it was raining. Didi was really amused by the pool view and kept ‘checking out’ the pool!
Checking out the pool 
We decided to stop buying diapers from
JB though because the quality of the diapers there seemed to have dropped. Or maybe it is just James who may have more delicate skin than Jamie.
Anyhow, we bought loads of tidbits and yacult back!!!! It’s really cheap to buy yacult from JB (RM4+) and the quality is the same! Pity I don’t have a cooler bag. If not I will definitely buy more back!
If you are looking for a short couple or family getaway over a weekend and feel that Singapore’s hotels are too expensive, KSL resort and hotel is definitely a good place to consider! Not only you are only minutes away from home, you can also enjoy cheap and good food, shop till you drop, watch midnight movie without worrying you miss the last bus/train, enjoy cheap spa and nail care services and stock up your groceries!
I paid only SGD91 for a superior twin room that comes with a queen size bed and a super single bed, free wifi and breakfast for 2. Cannot get a better deal in Singapore!!!
James is already looking forward to his next staycation in KSL!

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  1. Lovely post. My family travel to JB frequently as well. Did you explore the local delicacies around JB? And the Monday pasar malam?


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