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Chicken Pox in the house!

Hmmm.. I didn’t know kids can still be so energetic when they are down with chicken pox. Coz I never had it myself before.

Not sure if I have the immunity (touch wood) or I am just lucky (likely). I didn’t get infected by my brother many years back when he had chicken pox. Until today, I am still ‘okay’.
I thought hfmd had knocked on my door again last Friday when my helper called me, to say that Jamie had ‘watery spots’ all over her body. My helper did not have a very good experience with hfmd since the last outbreak in the house in Nov 2013. Many things had to be thrown away because they were made of fabric. Those we did not throw away had to be washed and sterilized. Little James was still an infant with low immunity. The virus did not spare him nor kind to him. My helper had sleepless nights together with my poor boy.
Jamie, who was the virus carrier, seemed to live well with the hfmd virus throughout the quarantine period. And this round, she being the chicken pox virus carrier, still seemed all cheery and happy everyday. Likely she felt that her ‘wish’ was granted and she did not need to go to school for 14 days. Oops…
But I don’t think she dislikes to study or to do writing. Maybe she is just like me, because I noticed she likes to have someone to sit with her when she does her writing. See how diligent and cheerful she looks! I loved having my mother sits with me when I did my homework too!
The virus only grew a few big blisters on her waist area and very mild ones on her face, 1 arm and 1 leg. She was actually okay with it and was very obedient when I told her not to scratch. It was the first time she allowed us to apply cream/lotion on her body and face. I guess she had reached the age where she knows what I mean by “if you scratch you won’t look pretty anymore. In order not to scratch, you have to apply the lotion”. She seemed to have grown up overnight due to chicken pox.
The only thing she didn’t like about the virus, was that I like to tease her that she looked like Santa Clause when I applied calamine lotion (white) on her face. She would go “Mummy, I am not Santa Clause. He is an old man who gives out presents during Xmas day.” Hehehe…
James was spared as of now. No symptom yet but we are having mixed feelings whether to pray or not pray that he gets infected. Coz afterall, we should get chicken pox once in our lifetime. If he missed this round, he might get it during his PSLE or Os or As or Uni exams. I remember I was really worried I get it during my two pregnancies. Thanks goodness I didn’t! Because all the horror stories of those who did, are horrifying.
However, he is not as mature and sensible as Jamie at his age. He might just go crazy and scratch his face and body intensively. Arghh.. Then I will be so sad to see his pretty little face with scars.
Well, I decided to let nature takes it’s course. See if James and I will eventually get infected. If we don’t, we have to count our blessings that the virus will continue to ‘forget’ our existence. If we do, we will be happy becoz we finally get our chance and can ‘get over with it’.
Let’s see we escape this round…

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