Friends & Neverland

1 more week to Taiwan!!!

A country I uncontrollably love.
I had this déjàvu feeling about Taiwan. It was as if I once lived there. Hahaha.. Maybe that’s what I always feel about the places I love. I had the same feeling about Beijing too 😛 I shall share more about my Beijing trip last year in my next post!
I am so glad I can start having free and easy trips again! It was something Laogong and I really love before we got married and have kids. Last time, Laogong and I would simple hop onto the next bus that set off from Lakin interchange from JB to KL… In 2006, we even took 30 hours of long distance bus all the way to Bangkok!
As we have more commitments, it also means we have more responsibilities and hence more to lose. And less ‘free’ brain sense to plan free and easy trips. We became boring couples who signed up for tour packages. We became less exciting and maybe even lazy…
I am really so glad to have such an understanding Laogong who gives me a break from my work and from the family. I think everyone needs this type of break at least once a year. As the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Giving us the chance to miss our lives, family and friends in Singapore, ensure we are able to continuously appreciate what we have.
Frankly I am a very timid person. After I have kids I became even more timid because I would worry what will become of my kids if I am unable to return home safely. Hence I had never travelled ‘alone’ (aka without Laogong). Hmmm.. Ok, I only travelled once during my school days without Laogong. But though I was away on a field study trip for a month, I SMSed Laogong a lot. So often that it costed me $300+ for the SMS I sent in a month. Well, I always feel safe with Laogong coz I know he will protect me with his life and soul. I am not saying my girlfriends or guyfriends won’t protect me but they will also need to spare a thought for their own loved ones.
Beijing was my first step to ‘independent’ traveling. The packing was tough coz weather was very cold and I was ‘bigger’ than usual but I did not want to buy new clothes. I could not zipped up my jacket so I was cold as the wind ‘cut’ me. But it was really really fun and reminds me totally of the drama! I was glad 3 other friends wanted to go to Beijing too as I knew China is not a place anyone should travel alone or in pairs.
This year, I had really took a big step forward. It’s just me and Yvonne to Taiwan! Though we knew each other for coming to 3 years and we had been short trip roomies, but we are still nervous about this 8 days trip together. Who knows, we might come home as enemies? Afterall, traveling/living under adverse condition either draw two persons closer or tear two persons apart.
Hmmm.. I have to say we had miraculously grown closer after all that had happened. Though we at times wanted to pull each other hair, we were still similar in little ways. I have faith that this trip will turn out great! She being a seasoned traveller can definitely tough me up over these 8 days!
This is my 4th trip to Taiwan, so you must be thinking what else still interest me? Well, I had been revisiting places I really like in Taiwan. There are places I don’t get sian going over and over again, eg. 九份. There are also places yet to be explored.
Being ambitious, we had scheduled to walk half of Taiwan. We are starting with 南投清境 -> 宜兰-> 台北. I did up a very brief itinerary (as requested by Yvonne). Let’s have a look and see if I can cover all 😛
21/2 (fri)
5am – reached 桃园 airport  
8am-2pm-HSR to 台中 then take public transport to 清境民宿, Misty Villa.
3pm-check in and go for high tea and late lunch at old England castle
22/2 (sat)
4am-7am – 合欢山看日出
10am -12pm: visit the sheep farm
2pm-5pm-spend time in 清境
23/2 (sun)
9am-3pm travel to 台中then take train to 宜兰民宿,Sea Luv
3pm-look for late lunch
4pm-5pm: check in n rest and enjoy the minsu
5pm-8pm: walk around nearby places and grab a light dinner (fish market, pier, beach etc)
8pm-12am: shop at luodong night market
24/2 (mon)
9am-12pm- 礁溪温泉 and lunch
2pm-set off to Taipei
5pm-reached hotel (Amba), check in and rest
6pm-12am-shopping and dinner at 西门町
25/2 (tue)
12pm-5pm-reached 淡水, lunch and shop.
5pm-7pm-board ferry to 渔人码头 for sunset view
7pm-12am-shopping and dinner at Shilin night market
26/2 (wed)
8am-10am- set off to 九份, 十份, 平溪
10am-2pm-lunch and sightseeing at 十份and 平溪
3pm-8pm-dinner and shopping at 九份
8pm-10pm-return to Taipei
27/2 (thur)-1/3 (Sat)
Like our itinerary? I think first time I actually ‘ok’ to leave my itinerary so blank. Feeling insecure now but maybe I should just play along and enjoy the uncertainty! Anyway I got seasoned traveller, Yvonne, with me 😛 She promised not to leave me alone de 😛
Meantime, stay tune on the preparation for my trip!

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