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新年 New Year

2013 的我 (me in 2013)
2014的我 (me in 2014)
Looking at my photos, I said goodbye to that undesirable-looking me whom also didn’t perform well in various aspects in year 2013. I reminded myself, not only I won’t allow my physical look to deteriorate like before, but I also want to do better in areas I failed to meet my own expectations last year.
There were so many unpredictable incidents that happened last year which caught me unprepared. Being someone who always planned ahead and uncomfortable with uncertainties, my resilience to adapt and produce outcome under time constraint was tested over and over again. It was stressful but nevertheless I survived each challenge.
This year, I will be prepared for uncertainties and more challenges ahead. Not only it will be my crucial year at work, but I need to also get used to living under ‘survilience’ again (haha!).
Unlike many of my friends, I am blessed with very caring and understanding inlaws. I believe moving back to stay with my inlaws will enable us to efficiently utilize our available human resources, hence relatively reduce everyone’s costs of living while enhancing everyone’s standard of living at the same time.
Nevertheless, I told Jamie and James  that they were also largely the reasons for our willingness to part with our own space and privacy earlier than we had planned to. Though it maybe hard for them to understand and show appreciation to us now, I believe they will soon ‘realize’ their benefits from this arrangement.
I thought through my new year resolution since the beginning of year 2014. This time I tell myself to be focus and realistic. Each individual definitely have their ideal KPIs but setting a KPI which you know you do not have the means to meet it, will only add unproductive stress to our lives.
It’s definitely a pity to let go of my personal interests when there are good/potential opportunities. But achieving personal interests by forgoing the common interests, will only add unnecessary tension to the family relationship and marriage. It’s really not worth it. After all, I work hard for my loved ones.. Without them, everything else makes no sense anymore…
Haha so this year, family comes first and the rest will just fall into place. I will share more about my new year resolutions as the year goes by ^^
Oh yes! My new year resolutions include keeping up my blog posts, so you confirm will hear more from me!
It’s a tiring day for the whole family today, running 5 locations. However, we had fun visiting and catching up with relatives we see less than 5 times a year. This year, one of my resolutions also include organizing more kids’ play dates so the next generation can be close to each other too!
Another family-oriented new year resolution is enticing the two kids to understand the importance of 敬老尊贤 and caring for the elderlys. I believe once we move back, this will just come naturally.
Okie! The night event going to start soon!
Meantime, wishing everyone a better year ahead and may everyone’s dreams come true!
💢 ✨ 今天是初一  ✨ 💢
💢 祝你全家2014年里  💢
💢 🎓事业马到功成🎓 💢
💢 🎉好运万马奔腾🎊 💢the
💢 💪身体人强马壮💪 💢
💢 🌟工作一马平川🌟 💢
💢 💰生意车水马龙💰 💢
💢 😃开心马不停蹄😄 💢
💢 🐲生活龙马精神🐴 💢

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