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Jamie’s Big 4 Parties

It’s the time of the year again!
Jamie’s big 4 parties starts in a few hours and Mummy Jolene is all ready for her princess’ parties!
Haha! Most friends who know me, know that i am ever eager to plan family events! Usually I don’t like to do last minute planning, so I always start min 2 months in advance. Now that I need to juggle with work stress, didi and my slimming regime, I try not to expect as much from myself.
Nonetheless, this type of busyness makes me happy!!! Coz I am the type of person that loves to see the smiles on my guests’ faces! Yes, I always try to please everyone. I know it’s not easy to achieve the perfect outcome and I am happy with just a desirable outcome.
I also love to use this type of family events to gather close friends too! Now that many of my close friends are starting to have their little ones, I will love to see how our little ones interact with each other. Looking forward to attend their parties too!
After years of tiring activity planning, we decide to do a simple BBQ party this year. We managed to book a pool terrace this round so that the guests and their children can feel free to dive into the pool for a swim or simply enjoy the cooling water!
However, I realised even doing a BBQ party has minimum costs and it is definitely not simple to estimate how much food to order for BBQ 😉
Usually buffet catering go by per pax but for BBQ we ordered ala carte items.
I thought what I ordered seems fair enough but few of my friends felt I ordered too much. Hahaha anyhow I am the typical Chinese who believe in 有余 is good!!! So Aunty right 😛
It was also not easy to confirm the party theme, because like every child, Jamie is fickle minded. First, she wants her all favorite Mickey Mouse theme, then she went crazy with Cars (Lightning McQueen) and Carebears. There was a period she even wanted Hello Kitty…
Last month, I noticed she likes the ‘new kid of the board’ at Disney Junior Channel………. Sofia The First and decided on it!
These days, Jamie calls herself ‘Sofia’ because the character, Princess Sofia, has a brother called Prince James! Hahaha!
This is Sofia with her mum, stepfather (the King) and two step siblings! It gave everyone a whole new insights about what happens after the King sweeps his beloved lady to his castle… Esp when there are step children involved! It also shows how step siblings can be great kins too!
Interesting story huh?!! Start watching it and I believe you will love to watch and be in Sofia’s journey in learning how to be a true princess ^^
As it’s pretty difficult to entice everyone to dress according to the theme, we try to do a colour theme this year too! As pretty Princess Sofia loves purple gowns, we are having pink and purple as the theme!
See the pretty banner and table cloth we are using at the chalet.

Really love the colours! And amazingly Jamie has starting loving the same colours like me ^^

Wish to see her happy everyday like Sofia…
Little Jamie is a big help this year in assisting with the goodie bags packing! It’s amazing to watch her slowly get more involved in the planning of her own birthday 🙂

Love the cups a lot! It’s a simple but pretty goodie bag!

‘Princess in Training’ shows how my little baby princess slowly grows and learns to be a great future leader!
Looking forward to the two cakes too!! Both are going to be chocolate cakes! And the home cake is baked by Godma!!! You can’t imagine how proud Jamie is, telling all her friends that her Godma bakes her birthday cake!
The school cake is from Pine gardens (always)!!! But this round I decide to just choose Jamie favorite chocolate flavour instead of the healthier strawberry shortcake 😛
It’s after all Jamie’s birthday so let her have her way for this once a year ^^
Looking forward to her important days! And she is looking forward to give her friends and little guests the goodie bags!

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